The Stuff (1985) Review

The Stuff (1985) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on August 31st, 2018 | Movie Review, Worth Watching? | Comedy, Sci-Fi, Mutant, Campy

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It’s about a highly addictive, and eventually highly toxic, dessert that members of the ice cream and chocolate chip cookie industry hire an industrial saboteur to destroy.

The Stuff was directed by Larry Cohen (who also directed The AmbulanceSpecial Effects and 9 other movies here at All Horror) and stars Michael Moriarty (from Dark Tower), Andrea Marcovicci  and Garrett Morris (from Severed Ties).

Are you eating it... or is it eating you?

The Stuff Review

So there's this guy that comes across some white goo bubbling out of the ground. Obviously, he scoops some up and starts eating it off his hand, I mean who wouldn't right? He loves this stuff and even offers up his white goo covered hand for his buddy to taste, who does, and who also loves it. He then makes some casual comment about how someone should market the stuff. Next thing you know, the entire country is buzzing about "The Stuff".

The stuff is a cheesy 80's pseudo sci-fi masquerading as social commentary about the fast food industry and corporate greed. It features ridiculous practical effects, stopmotion animation, endless implausibilities and a dozen other reasons to absolutely love it.

The characters are all colorful in their own unique ways. You have the smooth talking David "Mo" Rutherford (who explains the reason for "Mo" mo' times than necessary), you have Chocolate Chip Charlie (inspired by Famous Amos cookies) who could easily carry the movie on his own, and you have Jason, the lead kid, who is chill one minute and trashing grocery stores the next.

The Stuff is a super fun movie that's clean enough for the whole family, despite it's inexplicable R rating. Maybe people were just more sensitive to practical effects back then? I mean, sure, there's shots of mouths tearing open and heads exploding, but you can practically see the price tags hanging off those Halloween props.

Worth Watching?

Hell yes! Unless of course you don't want the commercial jingles that run throughout the movie getting stuck in your head for days.

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