Needlestick (2017) Review

Needlestick (2017) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on August 23rd, 2018 | Movie Review, Worth Watching? | Slasher, Indie Horror, Survival, Phobia, Medical

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It’s about a group of people who get trapped in a hospital overnight by a mad scientist and his cronies.

Needlestick was directed by Steven Karageanes and stars Harry Lennix (from Cruel Will), Michael Traynor and Lance Henriksen (from The Unwilling, Harbinger Down, Scream 3 and 39 other movies here on All Horror).

Cross Your Heart. Hope To Die.

Needlestick Reviiew

If you click around the net browsing reviews of Needlestick you'll see people are pretty much split on this one. They either like (not love) it or loathe it, there's not a lot of in between.

I personally really liked it. I wouldn't watch it twice, but it was definitely a fun and entertaining way to spend 85 minutes. It's realistic in the sense that something like this could actually happen. There's no ghosts hell bent on revenge, no girls in white gowns levitating off their beds and no cheap jump scares. I found the characters likable and was really into the story (although the chemistry between the two leads felt forced and focus went a little heavy on the drama at times).

Of course, it's a low budget production, director Steven Karageanes had to raise funds himself, and there's a few details that expose this, but I found them to be subtle. The movie was actually filmed in a real hospital that Steven worked at, in a wing that had been closed a decade prior. And the small cast, whether intentional or dictated by the budget, really contributed to the feeling of helplessness and made for an effectively desolate atmosphere.

Funny thing is, these things I liked (small cast, low budget, plot details) are the same things the other half of reviewers didn't like. So I guess it's all about perception and what kind of mood you're in going into this. I personally had just finished suffering through Slender Man and Robert The Doll prior to this, so in comparison Needlestick was damn near The Shining.

Worth Watching?

I think so, especially if you're looking for a mellow PG-13 style thriller that's light on gore. It sets up well, has some suspense, some slasher-style cat & mouse play, some creative kills and a few unexpected twists. It kind of feels like a TV hospital drama at times, but it's balanced with a lot of phobia-inducing needle eyeball stabbing.

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