Unburied Trailers: Desecration (1999)

Unburied Trailers: Desecration (1999)

Horrorific content by penguin_pete on August 01st, 2018 | Videos |

Welcome to our continued series: “Unburied” ! Each week, we’re going to select one forgotten oddball horror movie trailer from way back and dig it up so you can play with the bones. And just look what crawled out of the crypt this week!

A while ago we were making the scary nuns movie list and stumbled upon Desecration (1999). It’s one of those movies with a poor reputation and apparently doesn’t have much going for it, but the filmmakers put everything they’ve got into a few mind-blowing scenes that keep it infamous. A teenage boy, already dealing with the loss of his mother, accidentally kills a nun and falls under her curse. From there, it uses a pile of dream sequences, one of which features in the following trailer.

But holy bananas, this should have been the whole movie! We have what could have been Freddy Kruger’s nursery, with grotesque toys and giant playing blocks. A full-grown man in a diaper sleeps in a dog kennel in the middle of the room. A creepy nanny enters and torments the man in the cage with a baby bottle while cackling maniacally. The lamp flickers on and off, the giant jack-in-the-box quivers, the Humpty-Dumpty cackles and glowers over the scene, and there’s enough balloons to make you wonder if Pennywise paid a visit. While the scene leans to the silly side, it is definitely the ultimate Freudian representation of childhood issues. The trailer does a good job of making you curious enough to want to see it, so you could say it does its job.

BONUS BUCK: Just in case you thought the nursery scene is all this film has to offer, here's another random scene with an attack from what is apparently a set of self-propelled scissors.

Speaking of scary nuns, we just did our Dark Waters (1993) review. What with the release of The Nun coming up, we've just got a case of sister fever floating around...


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