The Slashstreet Boys Is Your Halloween Viral Video

The Slashstreet Boys Is Your Halloween Viral Video

Horrorific content by penguin_pete on October 30th, 2018 | Culture, Videos |

Just in case anything else hasn’t yet carved a smile in your pumpkin this festive season, we present The Merkins, with their new hit “I’ll Kill You That Way,” by the ‘Slashstreet Boys.’ The Merkins are apparently producers, their name being a reference to what amounts to a wig for pubes, so to speak - last time famously used in the name of President Merkin Muffley from Dr. Strangelove.

The Slashstreet Boys are of course Freddy, Michael, Jason, Ghostface, and Leatherface. Some or all of whom might be showing up to your door the next night or two, so you better have candy ready.

You know, I like this video, it’s funny, and it’s very well done. But the original Backstreet Boys is still a band which makes my bile curdle so violently that I can barely stand to sit through even a parody of one of their songs!

Aw, I’ve done introduced them enough, here yah go:

There’s much more to their YouTube channel, including the obligatory Freddy Krueger rap:

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