Signature Scenes: Alien Death In Alien: Resurrection (1997)

Signature Scenes: Alien Death In Alien: Resurrection (1997)

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It was the last official film in the original Alien series, and something of a fan base divider. While Alien: Resurrection brought new faces Joss Whedon and Winona Ryder into the story, Whedon complained his script wasn’t followed, fans complained at how poorly Ryder fit into the Alien universe, and critics mostly just complained.

But it did give us one unforgettable scene: The xenomorph hybrid which is no sooner hatched than killed, with Ripley’s hybrid acid-blood superpower - just think what Spiderman could do with that stuff! - popping a hole in the spaceship hull, which sucks the hybrid out through his own tuchis via a hole no bigger than a quarter. But the hybrid is given features both human and xenomorph, with painfully soulful puppy-dog eyes and baby-like screams, so it’s in some ways even more horrifying than xenomorphs proper. Weaver even sheds a tear for it. It’s the most touching sci-fi moment since Spock wept for V-Ger. (note: we’re piling on the sarcasm here)

Still, what a way to go! Totally plausible space-death, right? So yeah, about that plausibility. It just so happens that today, there’s a viral news story making its way about the Interwebs about the International Space Station experiencing a hull breech caused by a meteorite, resulting in a pressure leak. But far from the dramatic disaster which is always how Hollywood portrays it, the astronauts on board handled it with aplomb.

One astronaut plugged the hole with his thumb until the other astronauts came to patch it. With duct tape. No, really! Duct tape! Just like redneck space truckers. If this happened in a movie, you’d be chucking popcorn at the screen right now. So much for Hollywood space physics!


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