Jordan Peele Gets Nod To Host New Twilight Zone Series

Jordan Peele Gets Nod To Host New Twilight Zone Series

Horrorific content by penguin_pete on September 20th, 2018 | Horror News, Videos |

First the obvious news: Twilight Zone is coming back!

The perpetual anthology classic, brainchild of Rod Serling, has been through a movie, several series revivals, and even a pinball game. And now CBS All Access is buying the next round, and has tapped Jordan Peele to play the fill-in host of the show, offering bookend narration for the show’s peeks into the weird, scary, and wondrous.

Let’s talk a minute about Jordan Peele. He is best known for helming last year’s surprise sleeper hit Get Out, but there’s more to the story. Because Get Out was co-produced with Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions, the imagination factory behind Happy Death Day, Paranormal Activity, The Purge, and so much more. So being a Blumhouse alumni should put a seal of approval on him right there.

Peele has also had an illustrious career in film and TV, whose awards include Writers Guild of America Awards, Satellite Awards, Directors Guild Awards, Critics' Choice Awards, an Oscar, and a bunch more in a heap he’ll probably have to move with a bulldozer soon before they start blocking the door. We’re in good hands!

And we really gotta talk about both Rod Serling and Jason Blum sometime.


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