Brad Dourif's Role in the Video Game Myst III: Exile

Brad Dourif's Role in the Video Game Myst III: Exile

Horrorific content by penguin_pete on July 20th, 2018 | Videos |

Brad Dourif should be a household name to anybody browsing this site. He'd better be; he's one of our most prolific actors, with an impressive 28 horror titles under his belt.

And that's not all! So experienced was he at creating villainous characters that he was tapped to play "Saavedro" in the Myst video game franchise. Here he is in Myst III: Exile as a character who's bent on revenge against the creator of the linking-books worlds (and by extension, the player, as the creator's agent), because he's been trapped all this time by... you know what, just play the game, trying to explain Myst is a courtship with madness.

Anyway, Dourif does his thing with style, first ranting at himself like Gollum, then teasing and threatening the player. Dourif appears many times throughout the game as the main antagonist, and you even have to confront him at the end, playing your negotiations carefully or he'll brain you with that mallet he's carrying. All I want to know is "Where can I buy that robe for the next time I want to go as kabuki Gandalf?"

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