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Looking for a new Tourist horror movie to watch, but don't want to waste your time sitting through a movie you'll hate? You're in luck! We built AllHorror specifically to help you find the horror movies you're most likely to love. Check out our spoiler-free "Worth Watching" reviews below. All reviews are short and written to give you an idea of what kind of Tourist movie it is and what other Tourist movies it's similar to, just so you know what to expect. And nearly all Tourist movie reviews include videos from other reviewers, so you get multiple opinions from the horror community.

Midsummer (2003) Review

Midsummer was directed by Carsten Myllerup and stars Laura Christensen (from The Kingdom, The Kingdom II), Jon Lange (from Room 205) and Per Oscarsson (from The Night Visitor, The Sleep of Death). It's about a group of Danish friends who travel t...

November 25th, 2019 | , | Horror Genre: , , , , ,

Solstice (2008) Review

Solstice was directed by Daniel Myrick (who also directed The Objective) and stars Elisabeth Harnois (from Bad Meat), Shawn Ashmore (from Devil's Gate, Frozen) and Amanda Seyfried (from Jennifer's Body). It's about a group of friends who ...

November 25th, 2019 | , | Horror Genre: , , , ,

Backcountry (2015) Review

Backcountry was directed by Adam Macdonald (who also directed Pyewacket) and stars Missy Peregrym, Jeff Roop (from Final Draft) and Eric Balfour (from Little Red Rotting Hood, Dinoshark, Horsemen). It's about a couple of city yuppies who decide t...

November 25th, 2019 | , | Horror Genre: , , ,

The Maus (2017) Review

The Maus was directed by Yayo Herrero and stars Alma Terzi?, August Wittgenstein and Aleksandar Seksan. It's about a couple who get lost in the deep woods of Bosnia and may or may not have to fight for survival against some opportunistic Serbian ...

November 25th, 2019 | , | Horror Genre: , , , ,

Temple Review (2017)

Temple was directed by Michael Barrett  and stars Logan Huffman  (from Final Girl), Brandon Sklenar and Natalia Warner. It's a about a group of Americans who travel to rural Japan in search of obscure religious and cultural sights. Say Your ...

November 13th, 2019 | , | Horror Genre: , , , ,

Spring (2014) Review

Spring was directed by Aaron Moorhead (who also directed Resolution) and Justin Benson  (who also directed The Endless); and stars Lou Taylor Pucci (from Evil Dead), Nick Nevern (from Outpost: Black Sun) and Nadia Hilker. It's about a guy who mo...

November 13th, 2019 | , | Horror Genre: , , , , ,

The Ruins (2008) Review

The Ruins was directed by Carter Smith and stars Shawn Ashmore (from Devil's Gate, Frozen, Solstice), Jonathan Tucker (from Pulse, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and Jena Malone (from The Neon Demon, Donnie Darko). It’s about a group of friends o...

November 13th, 2019 | , | Horror Genre: , , , ,

Shuttle (2008) Review

Shuttle was directed by Edward Anderson and stars Tony Curran (from Calibre, Underworld: Evolution), Peyton List (from Bereavement) and Cameron Goodman. It's about a couple of girls who ride the wrong shuttle home from the airport. Never ...

November 13th, 2019 | , | Horror Genre: , , , ,

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