The Fog Series Reviewed

Thinking of watching the The Fog movies? Here at All Horror we already watched and reviewed the entire series, and ranked them best to worst. We built AllHorror specifically to help you find the horror movies you're most likely to love. Check out our spoiler-free "Worth Watching" reviews below. All reviews are short and written to give you an idea of what kind of movie each part of the The Fog franchise is and what other movies it's similar to, just so you know what to expect. And nearly all movie reviews in the The Fog series include videos from other reviewers, so you get multiple opinions from the horror community.

The Fog (2005) Review

It's about a small coastal town that screws over a ship full of people who die and later return for revenge. The Fog was directed by Rupert Wainwright (who also directed Stigmata) and stars Selma Blair (from Mom and Dad, In Their Skin), Deray ...

November 23rd, 2019 | , | Horror Genre: , , , , ,

The Fog (1980) Review

It's about a supernatural fog that rolls into a small coastal town, carrying with it vengeful spirits out to settle an old score. The Fog was directed by John Carpenter (who also directed The Ward and Ghosts of Mars) and stars Adrienne Barbeau...

November 22nd, 2019 | , | Horror Genre: , , , , ,

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