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Looking for a new Stalker horror movie to watch, but don't want to waste your time sitting through a movie you'll hate? You're in luck! We built AllHorror specifically to help you find the horror movies you're most likely to love. Check out our spoiler-free "Worth Watching" reviews below. All reviews are short and written to give you an idea of what kind of Stalker movie it is and what other Stalker movies it's similar to, just so you know what to expect. And nearly all Stalker movie reviews include videos from other reviewers, so you get multiple opinions from the horror community.

Halloween Kills (2021) Review

It's about the inhabitants of Haddonfield banding together to stop Michael Myer's latest bloody rampage as he spreads fear throughout the town. Halloween Kills was directed by David Gordon Green (who also directed Halloween) and stars Jami...

October 22nd, 2021 | , | Horror Genre: , , ,

Burial Ground Massacre (2021) Review

A group of college students spend a night at an old, eerie manor, only to realize that a terrifying stalker is watching their every move as he begins plans to repossess an ancient Native American artifact located inside. Some horror movies like to...

October 12th, 2021 | , | Horror Genre: , , ,

GirlHouse (2014) Review

It’s about the unseen dangers of the internet porn industry.  GirlHouse was co-directed by Jon Knautz (The Cleaning Lady) and Trevor Matthews (producer of The Shrine) and written by Nick Gordon (First Kill). It stars Ali Corbon (Cold Cabin) as ...

August 17th, 2021 | , | Horror Genre: , , , , ,

The Strangers (2008) Review

It's about a couple who find themselves the random targets of a terrorizing home invasion. The Strangers was directed by Bryan Bertino (who also directed The Monster and Mockingbird) and stars Liv Tyler (from Wildling), Scott Speedman (from Ou...

January 10th, 2020 | , | Horror Genre: , ,

Greta (2019) Review

It's about a girl who does the right thing, just for the wrong woman. Greta was directed by Neil Jordan (who also directed Byzantium, In Dreams, Interview With The Vampire and The Company Of Wolves) and stars Chloë Grace Moretz (from Suspir...

March 05th, 2019 | , | Horror Genre: , , , ,

Joy Ride 3 (2014) Review

It's about a group of friends on a road trip who recklessly start some road rage with the wrong guy. Joy Ride 3 was directed by Declan O'brien (who also directed Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines, Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings, Sharktopus a...

March 01st, 2019 | , | Horror Genre: , , , ,

Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead (2008) Review

It's about a group of friends on a road trip who break down in the middle of nowhere and decide to steal a car from the wrong guy. Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead was directed by Louis Morneau (who also directed Werewolf: The Beast Among Us, The Hi...

February 28th, 2019 | , | Horror Genre: , , , ,

Joy Ride (2001) Review

It's about a couple of guys who play a prank on the wrong guy. Joy Ride was directed by John Dahl and stars Paul Walker, Leelee Sobieski (from Wicker Man, In a Dark Place) and Basil Wallace (from Return of the Living Dead 3). It was jus...

February 25th, 2019 | , | Horror Genre: , , , ,

The Ice Cream Truck Review (2017)

It’s about a woman who moves into a new house ahead of her family, cheats with some high school dude and gets attacked by an old-fashioned ice cream truck guy. The Ice Cream Truck was directed by Megan Freels Johnston  and stars Deanna Russo, E...

April 22nd, 2018 | , | Horror Genre: , , ,

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