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JD’s Revenge (1976) Review

J.D.’s Revenge was directed by Arthur Marks and stars Glynn Turman (from John Dies at the End), Louis Gossett, Jr. (from Bram Stoker’s Legend Of The Mummy, Jaws 3-D) and Julian Christopher (from Whisper, Severed). It’s about a guy named JD who was…

Us (2019) Review

Us was directed by Jordan Peele (who also directed Get Out) and stars Lupita Nyong’o (from Little Monsters), Elisabeth Moss (from The Attic, Midnight’s Child) and Anna Diop (from The Keeping Hours). It’s about a family terrorized by a group of doppel…

March 29th, 2019 | | Horror Genre: , , ,

Fallen (1998) Worth Watching?

Fallen was directed by Gregory Hoblit and stars Denzel Washington (from The Bone Collector), John Goodman (from Red State) and Donald Sutherland (from An American Haunting). It’s about a serial killer who gets gassed for serial killing, only to re…

Shocker (1989) Worth Watching?

Shocker was directed by Wes Craven (who also directed A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream 4 and My Soul to Take) and stars Michael Murphy (from Phase IV), Mitch Pileggi (from Night Visions), Heather Langenkamp (from Dream Warriors, The Butterfly Room…

The Abominable Dr. Phibes Review (1971)

The Abominable Dr. Phibes was directed by Robert Fuest and stars Vincent Price (from Madhouse), Joseph Cotten (from The Devil’s Daughter) and Virginia North. It’s about the title doctor getting murderous revenge on medical doctors in early-20th-ce…

June 11th, 2018 | | Horror Genre: , ,

A Nightmare on Elm Street Review (1984)

A Nightmare on Elm Street was directed by Wes Craven (who also directed Scream, The Hills Have Eyes and Shocker) and stars Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp and the debut of the legendary Johnny Depp.

It’s about a supernatural serial killer nam…

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