David Lynch Horror Movie Reviews

Looking for a new David Lynch horror movie to watch, but don't want to waste your time sitting through a movie you'll hate? You're in luck! We built AllHorror specifically to help you find the horror movies you're most likely to love. Check out our spoiler-free "Worth Watching" reviews below. All reviews are short and written to give you an idea of what kind of David Lynch movie it is and what other David Lynch movies it's similar to, just so you know what to expect. And nearly all David Lynch movie reviews include videos from other reviewers, so you get multiple opinions from the horror community.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992) Review

A high school girl is being haunted by disturbing dreams and images while a mysterious man seems to be linked to these terrifying occurrences while the FBI are investigating strange murders. “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me” is a prequel to the ...

January 23rd, 2022 | , | Horror Genre: , , ,

Mulholland Drive Review (2001)

It’s about a woman with amnesia stumbling through the seedy underbelly of modern Hollywood. Mulholland Drive was directed by David Lynch (who also directed Lost Highway and Blue Velvet) and stars Naomi Watts (from Funny Games), Laura Harring (fr...

September 14th, 2018 | , | Horror Genre: , , , ,

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