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Looking for a new A24 horror movie to watch, but don't want to waste your time sitting through a movie you'll hate? You're in luck! We built AllHorror specifically to help you find the horror movies you're most likely to love. Check out our spoiler-free "Worth Watching" reviews below. All reviews are short and written to give you an idea of what kind of A24 movie it is and what other A24 movies it's similar to, just so you know what to expect. And nearly all A24 movie reviews include videos from other reviewers, so you get multiple opinions from the horror community.

The Lighthouse (2019) Review

It's about a couple of guys who slowly devolve into madness while stuck manning a remote lighthouse. The Lighthouse was directed by Robert Eggers (who also directed The Witch) and stars Willem Dafoe (from Death Note and Antichrist), Robert Pat...

April 27th, 2020 | , | Horror Genre: , , , , ,

The Witch (2016) Movie Review

It’s set in New England in the 1630s: William and Katherine lead a devout Christian life with five children, homesteading on the edge of an impassable wilderness. When their newborn son vanishes and crops fail, the family turns on one another. Beyo...

December 25th, 2019 | , | Horror Genre: , , , ,

The Blackcoat's Daughter (2015) Review

It's about a couple of girls, and a couple of satanic nuns, hunkering down alone at a Catholic boarding school over winter break. The Blackcoat's Daughter was directed by Oz Perkins (who also directed Gretel & Hansel and I Am The Pretty Th...

November 29th, 2019 | , | Horror Genre: , , , , ,

Midsommar (2019) Review

It’s about a group of college kids who travel to Sweden to participate in a summer solstice festival that turns out to be WAY more than they bargained for. Midsommar was directed by Ari Aster (who also directed Hereditary) and stars Florence Pug...

July 04th, 2019 | , | Horror Genre: , , , , ,

It Comes At Night Review (2017)

Secure within a desolate home as an unnatural threat terrorizes the world, a man has established a tenuous domestic order with his wife and son, but this will soon be put to test when a desperate young family arrives seeking refuge. It Comes At Ni...

November 19th, 2018 | , | Horror Genre: , , , ,

Hereditary Review (2018)

It’s about a family, seemingly cursed after the passing of their mysterious grandmother. Hereditary was directed by  Ari Aster (who had previously only directed short films) and stars  Toni Collette (from The Sixth Sense),  Milly Shapiro and ...

June 09th, 2018 | , | Horror Genre: , , , , ,

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