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Watching horror movies is fun. Sharing your thoughts about horror movies is fun. So why do so many horror sites make it hard to submit guest reviews? No idea. Here at All Horror we like to make things easy.

1. Search for your movie in the Reviews bar, this will show if it has already been reviewed. If nothing pops up then you're good to go.
2. Search for your movie in the Your Movie bar and select it.
3. Add your review:

  • One Sentence Summary
    We normally like to start these with "It's about..." and like to keep them simple. 
  • One Paragraph Summary
    Think of this as telling a person what to expect if they watch the movie. Tell them a summary of what it's about, what kind of movie it is (supernatural, zombie, slow burn) and maybe mention another horror movie or two that it's similar to. Oh, and no spoilers.
  • Full Review
    Have at it, just no spoilers.
  • Worth Watching?
    This is where you give your recommendation. We don't give star reviews here, instead we tell people if we like movies overall and if we found them worth watching. Aim for at least a couple of sentences and be sure to give reasons why you think your movie is or isn't worth checking out.

Our goal here is to provide fun and honest reviews for fellow horror fans. We're not trying to keep up with the critics or win any literary awards. We just want to share our thoughts on as many horror movies as possible. So with that in mind, the rules are simple:

  1. 350 words minimum
  2. No spoilers
  3. No F-bombs
  4. No posting the same review on other sites

That's it. Have fun.

We have a unique system here to help you get paid for your reviews. On your profile page there are payment fields where you can enter your Patreon, PayPal and Venmo links and there's one for your $cashtag if you use For each one you add, a button will automatically be displayed on your review so people can send you $$$. We suggest creating accounts at all of these payment services to make it easy for people to pay you. And the best part is they pay you directly, meaning we don't take a cut. Whatever people want to send is all yours, instantly.
And to help get your reviews as much exposure as possible we leave them up forever, we link to them from around All Horror, we promote them across our social media channels and we promote them in our newsletter. We also suggest you share them around your social accounts and drop links on other sites as well to put your payment buttons in front of more generous horror fans. 
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