Haunting of the Mary Celeste (2020) Prime Horror

Haunting of the Mary Celeste (2020) Prime Horror

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Streaming on Prime: Haunting of the Mary Celeste

Haunting of the Mary Celeste is directed by Shana Betz and stars Richard Roundtree (Se7en, Amityville: A New Generation, Party Line and Maniac Cop), Emily Swallow, Ava Acre and Dominic Devore.

Haunting of Mary Celeste (2020)

Rachel, a concerned researcher, and her team have set out to sea to prove that the disappearance of a family and crew from a merchant ship was for reasons having to do with the supernatural. 

What To Expect

What do you get from a movie that completely rips off another? You get a generic movie made just to litter streaming services with one more cheap knock-off. In this case Haunting of the Mary Celeste ripped off Ghost Ship, hard. The poster literally looks exactly the same. The only real difference between the two movies is Ghost Ship is legendary and Haunting of Mary Celeste sucks chum. The cast, other than Richard Roundtree, is made up of all TV actors which gives this movie a definite made for TV feel. The scares are cheap, the drama is weak and the twist could be seen coming from the very first scene in the movie. Haunting of the Mary Celeste had all the depth of an hour long episode of your average variety crime drama. Which is fitting since this movie clocks in at only around an hour fifteen. Normally I'd want more from a movie this short, but this time around I was counting the minutes until I was saved by the ending credits.

Worth Watching?

No way, this movie is as generic as they get. Save yourself the agony and watch Ghost Ship instead.


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