Decapitarium (2021) Prime Horror

Decapitarium (2021) Prime Horror

Horrorific content by Yo Adrian on June 01st, 2021 | Streaming Horror |

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Streaming on Prime:  Decapitarium

Decapitarium is directed by Jeff Dunn and stars Sam J. Jones, Christine Nguyen (Girls Guns And Blood, Attack Of The Killer Donuts and Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre) and Evan George Vourazeris.

Decapitarium (2021)

A young girl discovers a dark secret hiding beneath her small college town as Cyborgs emerge from the shadows to threaten life as she has known it.

What To Expect

Watching Decapitarium is like watching an old classic sci-fi from the 50's on acid. It's an over-the-top super low budget sci-fi slasher about a growing army of cyborgs who run about a college campus chopping heads off to harvest brains. I know this reference is obscure, but Decapitarium is basically a new B-movie version of The Brain that Wouldn't Die, just with a LOT more blood. The practical effects are comedy too, think Evil Dead 2. Nothing is intended to look realistic, it's intentional cheese from start to finish. So if you're looking for a real horror movie or actual gore I'd look elsewhere. Decapitarium is the kind of movie to watch when you just want to just switch off a few brain cells and enjoy some ridiculousness.

Worth Watching?

Depends on how cheesy you like your horror. I wouldn't say it's a good movie, but it's definitely a FUN movie.

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