Witches in the Woods Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Witches in the Woods Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by all-horror on June 08th, 2022 | Spoiler | Survival, Supernatural, Wilderness, Thriller, College, Creature, Teen, Urban Legend, Witchcraft

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Jill, a tenacious UMass freshman, abandons her studies for an off-the-grid snowboarding trip. When their SUV mysteriously becomes lost, temperatures fall and the group dynamic unravels as a virtual and then literal witch hunt begins.

Witches in the Woods: Spoilers Below

Witches in the Woods

The film's title, Witches in the Woods, might make you think it's a clichéd horror movie. But director Jordan Barker has created an intelligent psychological study instead. There are witches in the woods, but what unfolds is anything but superficial. "Witches" is more than just another teen slasher or occult thriller. Unlike other films in these genres, "Witches" weaves together character study pieces with scenes of suspense and terror to create a truly captivating and enjoyable experience.

Many young adults go to a mountain retreat for a weekend of skiing, drinking, and partying. From the first scene, these people are not particularly close friends. Conversations are often strained by tension, making even the funny parts less enjoyable. Jokes feel brittle, and smiles seem forced. Everyone is keeping secrets about affairs, rape allegations, or competition. This shame makes their relationships barely recognizable.

As soon as something goes wrong, the group is in trouble. At first, it is just little things that are easily explainable. But then, bit by bit, the situation becomes eerier and eerier. A locked bathroom door, crows that seem to be watching them, and strange noises in the woods all create an atmosphere of tension that never goes away. Then, when one of the group members starts behaving oddly and the car they're in stops working, things start to fall apart. An evil force targets the protagonists and kills them off one by one. Could it be witches, a local killer, or one of their groups possessed by a dark entity?

In the end, it could be any or all of those things and none of them. The characters are already tense, to begin with. There is too much mistrust and negativity surrounding the situation, leading people to believe anything could be true. When simple problems occur, the group is already inclined to think of the worst possible outcome. If they had kept their composure and not blown up at each other, things would have been different. But unfortunately, anger loves company, and one by one, they all cause each other to lose control and spiral into panic.

We should not underestimate the power of groupthink or mass hysteria; it can convince groups of people to do terrible things, as cult leaders well know. A combination of sociology and psychology, mass hysteria can compel otherwise rational people to do irrational things. For example, they become convinced that they should ostracize a friend instead of helping them. What is more likely, their friend is having a seizure, or the spirit of ancient witches possesses their friend? That's the problem with paranoia. It tends to spiral out of control until it consumes everything else.

When fear takes hold, it displaces all logical thinking, creating disorder. Each death resulted from an overreaction. Allison's only issue was acting strangely. The quick history lesson and group dynamic in the car did the rest. It became easy to see monsters everywhere and be scared of the worst.

Are there witches? It's unclear. The viewer could interpret the movie's ambiguous final moment either way. Stoughton Valley is accurate, and Magistrate Stoughton was the evil chief justice who presided over the witch trials. Did Allison succumb to the curse? Did the entire group follow suit? Has Jill been affected as well? In the end, the death toll and causes of death suggest otherwise. Allison was most likely innocent of anything except having a seizure and being scared. Keep in mind that we never saw her harm anyone. That distinction was left for the rest of the crew. They let her fear take over them until they all responded negatively.

Witches in the Woods is a film that deals with social dynamics and the power of the mind. It is set in a dark forest and is both creepy and satisfying.

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