The Witch in the Window Ending Explained (Spoilers)

The Witch in the Window Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by all-horror on May 31st, 2022 | Spoiler | Wilderness, Haunted House - Cursed, Mystery, Haunted House

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When Simon brings his twelve-year-old son, Finn, to rural Vermont to help flip an old farmhouse, they encounter the malicious spirit of Lydia, a previous owner. And now with every repair they make, she's getting stronger.

The Witch in the Window: Spoilers Below

The Witch in the Window

The effort required to restore a broken marriage can be significant. Both spouses need to be willing to work on the relationship and put in the time and effort to make it work. Many things can contribute to a marriage breaking down, and it can take some time to figure out the underlying issues. Once the problems are identified, both spouses need to be willing to address them. This may involve attending counseling sessions together, communicating more openly and honestly with each other, or making changes in their behavior. If both spouses are committed to saving the marriage, it is possible to rebuild trust and create a stronger bond than ever before.

Or you can refurbish a haunted, abandoned farmhouse and sacrifice your soul to the spirit of a witch, which is precisely what Simon does in the 2018 movie "The Witch in the Window."

Simon is estranged from his wife, Beverly. Simon brings their son Finn to help him renovate an old farmhouse he plans to sell. The parents hope that this time together will help calm Finn's recent rebelliousness. However, when the father and son come to the house, they hear a legend about the owner, Lydia. It is rumored that she was a witch who killed her family and then died in the home, sitting in the upstairs window.

Simon and Finn start to become friends, with Simon treating Finn more like an equal. Simon explains that he doesn't think he deserves to have a good family, and that's why he ruined his relationship with Beverley. As the father and son work on fixing up the house, they experience unexplainable occurrences such as glimpses of a woman, nightmares, and thumping on the walls. These occurrences grow more powerful as they continue working. Finn and Simon eventually see Lydia's ghost sitting in the chair where she died. After Lydia gets up from her chair, they flee the house and yell at them to "stay."

After a lengthy discussion, Simon decides to send Finn home while he finishes the house. He says that he can't leave it because he has invested so much money in it and that he'll be fine since a ghost has never killed anyone. However, we eventually learn that he has no intention of selling the house and instead wants to use the restoration project to patch up his marriage. As a result, he returns to a hotel every night instead of sleeping in the house.

Lydia uses illusion magic to keep Simon in the house and eventually gets him to talk. She explains that her soul is trapped in the house and that if Simon takes her place (i.e., dies and becomes part of the house), her soul will be free. She stated this was an opportunity for him to dedicate himself wholly to something finally. Simon agreed to take her place, and after he completed the house, he expired.

Finn and Beverly visit the house after the funeral and are amazed by how lovely and comfortable it is. Finn also finds a note his father hid for him, which explains that if they stay, he will always be with them. So Beverly and Finn decide to move in together, and strange events suggest that Simon's ghost is watching over them. Meanwhile, we see Lydia's spirit freely traveling now that she's been freed from the house.

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