The Night Ending Explained (Spoilers)

The Night Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by all-horror on April 25th, 2022 | Spoiler | Supernatural, Psychological, Thriller, Mystery, Pregnancy, Confined, Haunted House - Hotel

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An Iranian couple living in the US become trapped inside a hotel when insidious events force them to face the secrets that have come between them, in a night that never ends.

The Night: Spoilers Below

The Night Review

Iranian Neda, her husband Babak Naderi, and their one-year-old daughter Shabnam live in the United States and are driving home after visiting some friends. Unfortunately, they become lost after the car's navigation system malfunctions. After going around for a couple of hours, they decide to spend the night at the Hotel Normandie. While entering the hotel, Babak almost gets into a physical altercation with a homeless older man, but he vanishes after Neda and Babak check into the hotel. The receptionist tells them that only one suite is available and that the hotel staff locks the doors at night.

Neda and Babak begin to notice strange events during their stay at the hotel. Shabnam wakes Neda, and someone saying "Mommy" knocks on the room door. Neda sees a small child who disappears around a corner upon checking the hallway.

Shabnam also wakes up Babak and, with the help of the hotel receptionist, prepares a bottle of milk, who tells him of the tragic events he has seen. Babak sees the homeless man outside the hotel again and sees the reflection of a strange woman next to him. Neda confronts him when he turns around and tells him that she will bring Shabnam up to their hotel room and that he should go to sleep. Later, however, he finds Shabnam still on the ground floor, and Neda tells him that she is asleep.

Later, Babak is startled when he sees the strange woman from earlier standing in front of him. After Neda and Babak hear thumping noises from the roof right above them, Babak goes to check but does not find anyone. He calls the police and tells the operator that someone is harassing them

When an officer arrives, he is skeptical of Neda and Babak's claims of harassment and asks Babak if there is anything he isn't telling him. There is a knock on their door, and they find the same police officer there when they open it. The couple decides to leave the hotel, unnerved by the incident. Babak forgets the car keys, however, and he returns to the hotel room to get them while Neda waits near the car.

While waiting near the car, the homeless man confronts Neda, who tells her in Farsi, "They hear the truth; morning comes." Babak from their room hands the keys to Neda. The earlier child asks her to let him play with his sister as she waits near the car for her husband.

After spotting a wedding ring on the floor Babak finds a woman's corpse in the bathtub, and he runs to an elevator. Unfortunately, the elevator is jammed with Babak inside, and the same strange woman asks him if he remembers. Babak lets Neda into the hotel after he gets out of the elevator, but he finds that he cannot unlock the hotel doors from the receptionist's desk. The power then goes out. Babak tries motioning for passerby to help, but the only people outside the hotel are the child and the woman seen earlier.

Babak calls his friend Farhad to get help in their room, but Farhad tells him that "there is no way out." The child then confronts Neda, who asks her why she hasn't told Babak what she did, and repeatedly demands that she "say it." Finally, Neda starts sobbing and confesses to Babak that five years earlier she realized she was pregnant while Babak was away from home and that she aborted the child because she didn't want to have a child without a father. The hotel's power is then restored.

Babak is unsuccessful when he tries to unlock the hotel doors again. Neda demands to know his secret; she realized that the power returned because she revealed her secret and that her husband must divulge his secret if the three of them are to leave the hotel. Babak refuses to do so, and he heads deeper into the hotel to find another way out.

The woman, whose name is Sophia, confronts Babak while he is searching for a way out, and it is revealed that he cheated on Neda with Sophia and lied that he would leave Neda to be with her. He accidentally stabs Neda in a panic. Babak gets transported to a hospital while looking for Shabnam, where he finds Sophia's body in the morgue. He stabs his arm's tattoo with a scalpel and heads towards the exit, leading to a forest where he searches for Shabnam.

At around 3 am Babak then wakes up in the hotel room and finds Shabnam and Neda peacefully sleeping next to him. He goes to the bathroom and sees that his reflection in the mirror is acting independently of him; the reflection turns around so that its back is facing him, reproducing a hotel painting seen earlier in the film. As Babak looks at his reflection, a tear falls from his eye.

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