The Forever Purge Ending Explained (Spoilers)

The Forever Purge Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by christina on May 12th, 2022 | Spoiler | Survival, Blumhouse, Madness, Thriller, Urban Decay, Thrill Kill

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All the rules are broken as a sect of lawless marauders decides that the annual Purge does not stop at daybreak and instead should never end.

The Forever Purge: Spoilers Below

The Forever Purge

Who survives the forever purge?

As the climax of "The Forever Purge" approaches, Chiago leads our heroes across the Mexican border to prepare for a final battle against the white supremacist Purgers hunting them. Ever since the group killed his mother, white supremacist Dalton and his allies have been chasing our heroes. Finally, the good guys have to stop running and fight, backed into a corner.

Chiago rushes Cassie and the other survivors across during a massive shootout as Juan, Adela, and Dylan try to hold off their assaulters. Dalton and a fellow Purger corner Adela and Dylan minutes later. Juan employs Chekov's lasso to save his wife before putting Dalton down with a bullet to the head in a last-ditch effort.

The heroes then safely cross the border and are met with good news. Cassie's childbirth went well, and Dylan is given a new baby as a reward for his racist comments and questionable morality. In the end, Juan and Adela made it back home, which is all that matters.

"The Forever Purge" is a brutal film that follows the grand tradition of horror movies by killing off beloved characters in gory ways. It's a miracle that all of the main characters survive the film and have something to celebrate at the end. But the future looks bleak for the rest of America.

What is America's fate after the Forever Purge?

At the film's end, we get an unexpectedly cheerful ending for a "Purge" movie. Everyone worth saving makes it safely across the Mexican border. Cassie's child is healthy, and she survives to raise them. Adela and Juan make it back home, and they're the happiest because they don't have to go back to America. However, you start to see the movie's cynical side once you look at the "formerly great" nation.

The film's final shot shows the United States of America on fire, with radio chatter in the background implying a conflict. The people are fighting back against their aggressors. It's unclear how much time has passed between the beginning of the Forever Purge and this broadcast, but it can be assumed that some time has elapsed. The future of the U.S. is left uncertain, but the extremists who organized this deadly Purge are still at large and still killing and destroying. The conclusion of "The Forever Purge" is also bleak and uncertain, making it unclear where the series can go. The country is in a state of civil war, which was a predictable outcome of the government's social experiment that started the yearly Purge.

Why did Juan lasso Dalton?

In the final battle between himself, Adela, and Dalton, Juan disarms the enemy mercenary by using the lasso he had been carrying throughout the movie. He wraps the rope around the neck of the white supremacist and drags him through the sand before shooting Dalton in the head. This raises a question — if Juan had a gun and a clear shot at the man about to kill his wife, why didn't he shoot him then and there?

It would be missing the point of this scene to cut it out, as it is symbolically significant and reflective of America's history of lynching African-Americans.

Many Latino people also experienced the same violence at the hands of white supremacists during the same period. So this scene, where a person of color captures and kills a white supremacist with a noose, is a satisfying moment of role reversal.

"The Forever Purge" captures the horror movie genre and takes influence from Westerns. For example, a lasso maneuver such as the one seen in the movie is often seen in Westerns, which "The Forever Purge" so accurately references.

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