Silent Night Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Silent Night Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by all-horror on February 16th, 2022 | Spoiler | Comedy, Christmas, Dysfunctional Family, Apocalypse, British

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Nell, Simon, and their son Art are ready to welcome friends and family for what promises to be a perfect Christmas gathering. Perfect except for one thing: everyone is going to die.

Silent Night: Spoilers Below

Silent Night Review

The married couple Nell and Simon hosts an annual Christmas dinner at their country estate for their former school friends and their spouses. This year is a special occasion with everyone dressed in formal wear. It is gradually revealed that due to an environmental disaster in which a rapidly advancing cloud of toxic gas is killing most life forms, the British government has issued suicide pills to all citizens (excluding illegal immigrants and the homeless) to enable them a quick and painless death before the cloud hits. Simon, Nell, and their friends have formed a suicide pact to take the pills along with their children. James had decided to end his life using the suicide pill along with his friends; however, Sophie, his young wife, has recently discovered she is pregnant and is debating whether or not to take the suicide pill.

As the night progresses, several confrontations occur: Kitty receives a doll that closely resembles her, and though she hugs her father, she refuses to hug Sandra even though she begs her to; Art finds the tradition of gift-giving ridiculous, lashes out at the adults and storms out of the room; Sandra lets James know that she loved him during their school years and doesn't know why they never had sex; Tony is visibly upset at her confession and states that his whole life he hasn't once made a mistake. Bella then lets him know that they had had sex before he and Sandra were a couple; Feeling left out of the festivities, Alex over-drinks and passes out in her room.

Simon, Nell, and their children video chat with Nell's mother, who is abroad, to say goodbye. Art, their eldest, is left distraught by the conversation. He begins speculating that the scientists and government are mistaken. Art confides in his fears with Sophie and James. Despite knowing the poison will kill her, Sophie reveals that she has no desire to end her life using the government's suicide pill. Art then lets his mother know that he wants to stay with Sophie and hold her hand until they die. Simon and Nell are distressed and attempt to explain to Art that he must take the pill with the rest of the family. Art refuses and runs away but discovers a family on the side of the road dead and with several packs of the deadly poison in the car. Art screams as we see swirls of toxic gas emerging around him; Simon hears his screams and carries him to the house.

Upon their return, everyone realizes midnight has passed and the time has come to end their lives. They separate into different rooms to say their goodbyes. While Art was outside, he inhaled some of the deadly gas and dies before the family can take their suicide pills, with his ears, nose, and eyes bleeding. Sophie still doesn't want to take her pill, and James pressures her, stating that he won't take his unless she does. Bella tries waking the unconscious Alex so she can take her pill and ends up forcing it down her throat. Soon she wakes up sick and vomits up the pill without having ingested it. Bella doesn't mention to Alex that their death is imminent, and while they dance in the kitchen, Bella takes the opportunity to stab Alex, letting her know that she's sorry and that she regurgitated the pill. Bella succumbs to her injury, and Alex collapses next to her. Sandra, Kitty, and Tony lie in bed waiting for death when Kitty remembers her doll and runs to get it as Sandra again begs her for a hug. By the time Kitty returns, her parents are dead, and she crawls between them, finally hugging Sandra.

By the next morning, everyone has died save for Art, whose eyes suddenly open.

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