Lamb Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Lamb Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by all-horror on March 14th, 2022 | Spoiler | Lovecraftian, Drama, Mystery, Creature, Folk Horror

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A childless couple, María and Ingvar discover a mysterious newborn on their farm in Iceland. The unexpected prospect of family life brings them much joy, before ultimately destroying them.

Lamb: Spoilers Below

Lamb Review

In Iceland, an unknown, loudly-breathing entity spooks a herd of horses and travels to a barn. Farmer Ingvar and his wife María are later shocked to learn that a pregnant sheep has given birth to a bizarre sheep/human hybrid creature.

Ingvar and María take the hybrid lamb as their child and name it after María's deceased daughter, Ada. However, Ada's biological mother becomes a nuisance, constantly contacting Ada and loitering outside the couple's home. Shortly after Ada goes missing, María shoots her mother and buries her in an unmarked, shallow grave. She is unaware that, Pétur, Ingvar's brother, who arrived at the farmhouse shortly before the killing, witnessed the murder before sleeping in the barn.

Pétur, who continuously makes sexual advances towards María when she's alone, is greatly disturbed by Ada and holds firm the belief that "it's an animal, not a child." On the other hand, Ingvar claims that having Ada as their child has brought them happiness. Pétur takes Ada on an early morning walk while everyone is asleep to shoot her, disturbed and angered by María and Ingvar's bizarre attachment to her. However, after having a tearful change of heart, he sleeps soundly with Ada and becomes her uncle.

While Ingvar, Pétur, and María are having a drunken party one evening, Ada sees the strange entity near the barn. The entity takes their gun after killing their dog. Drunk Ingvar goes to bed after the party. However, when Pétur is alone with María, he starts making sexual advances again. When she rejects him, Pétur reveals that he's a witness to María's murder of Ada's mother and attempts to blackmail María into having sex with him by threatening to tell Ada of her crime.

María fakes being seduced by Pétur so she can trap him in a closet, then plays the piano to drown out his cries. Finally, having had enough of Pétur, María drives him to the bus stop the following day and sends him home. Ingvar wakes up to find María and Pétur missing and brings Ada with him to fix the tractor Pétur broke when he was driving it. While Ingvar and Ada are making their way back home, the entity, a ram/man hybrid, takes a crying Ada with it into the wilderness after shooting Ingvar in the neck.

María returns home with Ada and Ingvar, nowhere to be seen. She begins a broad search for them. She finds Ingvar's dead body and grieves for the death of her husband and the loss of their new child. The last scene is of María wandering the wilderness in shock before facing the camera and closing her tear-filled eyes.

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