Killer Concept Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Killer Concept Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by all-horror on August 10th, 2022 | Spoiler | Killer, Psychological, Madness, Thriller, Serial Killer, Suburb, Stalker, B-Horror

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Three creatives team up to write a screenplay chronicling a string of murders in their town, but one of the three may be closer to the story than the others realize.

Killer Concept: Spoilers Below

Killer Concept (2021)

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about serial killers? Is it why they did it? Or how did they it? These questions have caused an uptick in movies and shows being made about serial killers. Often, these stories make them seem romanticized and sometimes even sympathetic. Killer Concept is another serial killer movie, this time focused on an obscure killer preying on the town where Seth, Holly, and Mark live. As writers, all three collaborate to work on a story about the serial killer.

At first, only ideas are thrown about with Seth being the overly enthusiastic guy who wants to make everything Hollywood-esque. Then there's Holly, who has written true crime stories and sold many books. The third person is Mark, who is very reflective and only points out flaws in the story rather than contribute anything. The three of them work well together, delegating tasks and listening to each other's ideas. Somewhere along the line, Mark starts developing feelings for Holly, especially when she roleplays a strangulation scene with Seth. Mark is in love with Holly because she played the set and because he is the killer.

It's not a central plot point; the truth is revealed relatively early on as we watch Mark grapple with his urge to kill women. This is why he isn't too pleased with Seth's obnoxious behavior when discussing the killer's motive and method. Mark murders people while wearing a red jacket. He finds his victims through a dating app, and his criteria are women who have flower names.

Seth and Holly are creating a work of fiction about a serial killer who is still at large, and Mark is curious about the various theories being bandied about by the public. However, he stays on the project because he is the killer. While he has developed feelings for Holly and respects her working style, at the same time, he has begun to despise Seth for making the killer seem sloppy and for coming closer to Holly.

Mark, frustrated, starts looking for his next victim while Seth, who is conducting his investigation, finds an important clue: one of the victims used to wear a necklace that she never took off, but the police never found it on her dead body. Mark begins talking with a girl called Daisy and makes plans to see her.

On the day of his date with Daisy, Seth enacts a scene from a movie in which the killer uses a gun. This scares Mark, who then gets angry when Seth laughs at him. As a result, Mark's date with Daisy goes badly, and she leaves before he can do anything to improve the situation. Mark tries to contact Daisy again the next day, but she blocks his number. Now he's interested in Holly, who he thinks is nicer to him. He arranges to meet her while Seth visits and apologizes for his previous behavior.

Mark is in his basement, apologizing to the photos of his other victims about developing feelings for Holly. He picks up the necklace Seth had mentioned earlier in the movie and apologizes to an image of the woman about wanting to present it to Holly. When Seth visits, Mark carelessly drops the necklace outside, and Seth retrieves it and realizes Mark may be the culprit. He makes excuses and leaves but keeps an eye on Mark as he meets Holly.

Mark donned his red hoodie and kidnapped Holly rather than meeting her as a friend. Seth followed them and confronted Mark, while Holly was unconscious and unaware that Seth was trying to save her. Seth is pointing a gun at Mark with his back turned when Holly suddenly wakes up and, misunderstanding the situation, hits Seth on the head hard enough to kill him.

Holly is highly agitated and urges Mark to contact the police. Mark tries to calm her down at first, but when Holly accidentally reveals that she already has a boyfriend, he changes his plans and locks her in the basement, implying that he is going to hurt her.

The movie has an exciting concept, and the build-up is good. The director made it on a small budget, but it does justice to the script and is an okay watch.

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