Halloween Kills Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Halloween Kills Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by all-horror on March 04th, 2022 | Spoiler | Halloween, Revenge, Halloween Slasher, Featured Maniac

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Surviving victims of Michael Myers form a vigilante mob and vow to end his reign of terror after they discover that he is still alive.

Halloween Kills: Spoilers Below

Halloween Kills Review

Deputy Frank Hawkins accidentally shot his partner dead while trying to save him from Michael Myers on October 31, 1978, and prevented Michael's execution at the hands of Dr. Samuel Loomis. On October 31, 2018, after Dr. Ranbir Sartain stabs and leaves him dead, Hawkins is found by Cameron Elam, who calls for an ambulance. Hawkins vows to kill Michael, deeply regretting not allowing his execution.

Meanwhile, Tommy Doyle throws a party celebrating the 40th anniversary of Michael's imprisonment with everyone who survived Michael in 1978, including Marion Chambers, Lindsey Wallace, and Cameron's father, Lonnie Elam. Firefighters trying to extinguish Laurie Strode's burning house unknowingly release Michael, who slaughters them with their equipment. Paramedics take Laurie, her daughter Karen, and her granddaughter Allyson to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, where Laurie undergoes emergency surgery. Michael murders Laurie's neighbors and slowly makes his way to Haddonfield.

A wireless emergency alert warns Tommy, Marion, Lindsey, and Lonnie of Michael's killing spree. Bar patron Vanessa encounters Michael in her car, but the driver crashes and escapes without notice. Tommy forms a mob of bloodthirsty Haddonfield residents eager for revenge. The police inform Karen that Michael is still alive and withhold that information from Laurie to allow her to recover. Allyson reconciles with Cameron, her ex-boyfriend, and joins Tommy's mob to avenge her father's death. Laurie and Hawkins awaken and reminisce about their former relationship in the same room.

While broadcasting an alert warning the Haddonfield community to stay inside their houses, Michael kills Marion, Vanessa, and her husband, Marcus. Lindsey escapes, and Tommy, Lonnie, Allyson, and Cameron find her alive. The group maps out Michael's path and his victims' location and deduce that he is heading towards his childhood home. Tommy takes Lindsey to the hospital, reunites with Leigh Brackett, the ex-sheriff of Haddonfield, who lost his daughter Annie to Michael in 1978, and lets Laurie know of Michael's survival. Across town, Michael murders the current owners of his home as Laurie prepares to leave the hospital.

Lance Tovoli, a fugitive convict from Smith's Grove Psychiatric Hospital and Vanessa's car driver, who escaped alongside Michael when their bus crashed, arrives and is mistaken for Michael. Tommy's mob pursues him through the hospital before Karen realizes that he is not Michael. Despite her attempts to calm the crowd and help Lance, he jumps out a window to his death. Laurie urges Karen to work with Tommy and Brackett to hunt Michael down. Elsewhere, Lonnie goes alone to Michael's home and is killed. Allyson and Cameron rush inside and find his corpse before being attacked by Michael, who murders Cameron.

As Michael prepares to kill Allyson, Karen stabs him in the back with a pitchfork, steals his mask, and taunts him to follow her. Instead, she leads Michael into Tommy's mob, swarming, attacking, and seemingly killing him. Michael recovers and massacres the entire group when the crowd disperses, including Tommy and Brackett. Karen goes upstairs to investigate at Michael's home while Allyson receives medical attention. Michael appears and stabs Karen to death in Judith Myers's old bedroom as Laurie stares out of her hospital room.

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