Don't Let Go Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Don't Let Go Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by all-horror on June 03rd, 2022 | Spoiler | Supernatural, Blumhouse, Psychological, Thriller, Mystery, Alternate Timeline, Black Horror

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After a man's family dies in what appears to be a murder, he gets a phone call from one of the dead, his niece. He's not sure if she's a ghost or if he's going mad, but as it turns out, he's not.

Don't Let Go: Spoilers Below

Don't Let Go (2019)

In Don't Let Go, Ashley has a dismal home life, with an aloof father and her uncle Jack as a benefactor. She contacts him when her dad neglects to pick her up for work, and he admonishes her (to tell the audience) that he gave her that precise cell phone for this specific situation.

Jack receives a call from her the next day but is preoccupied with work, and the next time she calls, the line is full of static and cuts out. When he checks on her at her house to see if she's okay, he finds the corpses of his brother, sister-in-law, and niece full of gunshot wounds.

Jack is devastated and blames himself for her death, unable to recall what she'd said on her call when talking about her dad. He seems to have turned around and taken her for a nice dinner. She says she ordered the garlic chicken.

Internal Affairs has to rule Jack out as a suspect in his brother's death, and Bobby asks him to confide in him before IA comes. All the while, Jack's phone is ringing – Ashley calls him.

IA questions Jack about the murders and his possible involvement. He confirms that Garret had forgotten to pick up Ashley (seen in the first scene) and that he had scolded him for it, but states that this was not out of the ordinary given Garret's bipolar disorder. Nevertheless, IA tries to implicate him in the murder, saying that he was attracted to his sister-in-law and killed her when she rejected him.

Jack doesn't respond favorably to the questioning and ironically "confesses" to murdering them all, even the canine. Afterward, he gets a phone call from Ashley from the past once more, and he answers, and she says the conversation she had in her first call about the garlic chicken dish again.

Ashley does not know that her uncle is in the future. Jack does not tell her but instead begins investigating leads that Ashley uncovered in the past. The movie cuts back and forth between timelines.

He stumbles upon a reference to a shady character named Georgie, which his boss Howard says could be the name of a longtime drug lord that no one has been able to identify. Jack believes him to be the natural killer and that Garret might have been stealing drugs from Georgie, which led to his murder.

When he's shot in a drive-by, Georgie is investigating Ashley's father for drug dealing. While dying, he tells Ashley to call the police and have her father arrested. Unfortunately, her actions only change the future by bringing the murder date forward and mean that Jack isn't fatally wounded.

He relives the discovery of his brother's murder, but the scene is different – Ashley is in her room, not in the bathtub – and he 'wakes up' in the new present in his car with Bobby next to him in the passenger seat. Meanwhile, Ashley witnessed her father being beaten by unknown men in the past, and she calls Jack in the present.

Garret and Ashley explore a parking lot where, previously, Garret was attacked, and Ashley was seen poking around; subsequently, Jack was shot at by unidentified people. Ashley ran away but left her purse in the river, which probably led to her being discovered and killed. Jack is shot and killed, but he tells Ashley the truth about their time-traveling phone calls before he dies. He proves it to her by telling her to chew a piece of gum and stick it under their favorite booth at the diner. He then tells her what color gum she chewed in the present.

He then requests that she abandon her hometown to preserve her life, to which she agrees. However, she first contacts her father, then her mother, and finally Bobby (Jack had supplied her with his number in case of an emergency). Simultaneously, in the present, Howard and Bobby inform Jack that Georgie is not male but rather a ring of disloyal policemen. Nevertheless, on their way to revealing everything, Bobby shoots Howard dead and affirms that he is part of this group of corrupt cops and that he murdered Garret when Garret refused to cooperate with them.

In the past, Bobby murdered Ashley's parents, but she escaped. In the present, Bobby interrogates Jack for the name of his source, and he says it was Ashley, but Bobby prepares to kill him anyway as instructed by the higher-ups in his ring of corrupt officers.

Jack runs, but Bobby shoots him in the leg. Jack is about to be killed when Ashley calls, and he answers on speakerphone. Jack tells Ashley that he can only survive if she stays. Bobby then shoots Jack.

Ashley hears a gunshot over the phone and rushes to Jack's house. He sees a Bobby covered in blood, pointing the gun at Ashley. However, before Bobby can kill Ashley, Jack shoots him.

This negates the 'present/future,' and Bobby and Jack disappear from their location. In the past, Bobby consoles Ashley.

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