Chhorii Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Chhorii Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by all-horror on March 31st, 2022 | Spoiler | Supernatural, Psychological, Wilderness, Mystery, Pregnancy, Folk Horror

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Eight-month pregnant Sakshi must save herself and her unborn child from the evil within society and from the fear that lies in the paranormal world.

Chhorii: Spoilers Below

Chhorii Review

In a sugarcane field, a pregnant woman is being chased, and she forces herself to cut her womb. Cutting to the scene of a city, Sakshi now lives with Hemant's husband and works at an NGO. After a group of people beat and threaten Hemant for not returning a loan he had borrowed for a business plan, they abscond to their driver's village.

They go through a sugarcane field to reach the village 300km from the city. There they meet the driver's wife, Devi, a heavily traditional and Orthodox woman. Hemant leaves Sakshi with Devi after a few days to solve their financial problems. Sakshi gradually finds a bond with Devi. She meets the woman chased in the first scene; Rani, who is Rajbir's wife and Devi's daughter-in-law. Devi lets Sakshi know that Rani lost her child before birth, and she had to cut out her womb to save herself.

Three children tease Sakshi, and she is curious about them. Devi warns her to keep away from them. She doesn't respect her warning and talks to them anyway. Devi threatens Sakshi, frustrated that she isn't listening to her. Sakshi and Devi's relationship sours. Hemant comes to see Sakshi a few days later, and she asks him to take her back in a panic. Devi attacks them as they are leaving that night, and a ritual is performed on Sakshi. Devi takes her to a room and ties her onto the bed.

Devi tells her that she must remain alone in this room for the next three days to get rid of Sunaini, Devi's sister-in-law and a witch (the ghost), who once was pregnant. She cast a spell on Devi's three little boys and killed her husband, making three boys fall to the well and herself by cutting her womb. Sunaini has cursed Devi's family to be unable to continue their lineage.

Devi tells Sakshi that all the visions she will observe in the next three days are illusions and warns her never to sing Sunaini's lullaby. Sakshi vainly attempts to escape the house, which is surrounded by sugarcane fields. Finally, she started to experience all those circumstances and challenges experienced once by Sunaini (Devi's co-sister).

It's revealed that her in-laws were asking Sunaini to kill her fetus because of a female child. She accidentally killed her husband with the knife given by Devi's three little sons, who always loved her after refusing him and trying to escape. Devi's family, thinking Sunaini killed her husband, burned her alive. She is in the process of giving birth to her baby, but her baby was thrown in the well to fulfill a village-wide ritual that guarantees a good harvest. In her wholly burned state, Sunaini jumps into the well to save her daughter. Devi's three boys jumped in to save Sunaini and her daughter but died, turning them all into ghosts.

In a series of harrowing experiences, Sakshi is made to experience the same three-day ordeal Sunaini went through. Before Sunaini's ghost makes her harm her baby, Sakshi swears an oath to tell everyone Sunaini's true story if the spirit lets her go, instead of repeating her torment on the new wives.

Sakshi survives for the three days, and she refuses to leave without revealing the story in the morning when the driver, Hemant, and Devi come.

It is revealed that Hemant is Rajbir and killed his previous two wives because he was afraid they would tell people of the murders in the village. However, he spared Rani because she swore to stay silent forever.

Sakshi walks away, dropping the knife she's held in her hand since the night she had to defend herself from Rajbir/Hemant. Rajbir picks up the knife to stab Sakshi from behind, but Rani kills him with a cleaver. The ending scene shows Sakshi walking away from the village house through the sugarcane field maze in the direction the three ghost children point out. Rani then joins Sakshi in a bloody shirt.

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