Below Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Below Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by all-horror on July 18th, 2022 | Spoiler | Survival, Supernatural, Psychological, Thriller, Mystery, War, Dangerous Exploration, Military

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Strange happenings occur on a WWII submarine.

Below: Spoilers Below

Below (2002)

Below is about a submarine named the Tiger Shark during World War II. The submarine's captain, Brice, gets an order from his superiors to rescue some sailors stranded on a sunken British medical ship. After arriving, the submarine finds three survivors: Kingsley, a nurse named Claire, and one of their patients. The sub needs to submerge immediately as a German warship approaches, and Captain Brice orders complete silence. Suddenly, a radio noise catches the attention of the warship, and it starts to drop depth charges. The submarine manages to survive, but Brice is angry that someone turned on the radio. Brice finds out that the patient is German and kills him, believing the German spilled their location. Kingsley and Claire are stuck in their rooms, even though they insist the German didn't give them up.

Claire becomes friends with Odell, a lower-ranking officer, and tries to convince Brice to sail towards a British port to release the survivors to the British. Brice refuses, saying they will instead return to America. However, the levels of hydrogen in the submarine begin to rise, and strange noises are heard throughout the vessel. Some crew members, especially a man nicknamed Weird Wally and his buddy Stumbo, worry that ghosts may populate the submarine.

Claire finds out that Brice wasn't the initial captain of the submarine they're on and that the actual commander was somebody called Captain Winters. Brice says that the Tiger Shark had attacked a German vessel and come up to the surface to check if it had sunk. The officers surfaced to find many German survivors and relics floating in the water. Brice and his fellow officers Coors and Loomis observed Captain Winters ignore the survivors' pleas as he retrieved treasures from the water. Winters dies after falling overboard and hitting his head, leaving Brice in charge.

As the journey goes on, many disasters happen to the submarine. They get caught in a submarine trap with spikes, the steering wheel breaks and stops them from going up to the surface to get rid of the hydrogen, preventing them from changing course, and the crew starts to get nervous. Oil leaks from an exterior breach and four people are sent out in diving suits to patch it. Coors sees a face in the hull and impales himself on an antenna while fleeing. Odell tells Claire later that he thinks Brice is lying about how Captain Winters died.

Claire tells Brice that she believes the ship is haunted, and he dismisses her claims rudely. Tragedy strikes shortly after. A fire kills most of the crew. Loomis sees Captain Winters' ghostly face in a mirror and flees the submarine, dying as he attempts to swim underwater.

The submarine arrives at the destination, the site of the sunken Nazi ship, and begins to surface violently, killing Kingsley in the process. Wally notices a vessel close by (of unknown nation) and attempts to contact it for aid, but Brice destroys the radio equipment. Claire understands that the ship they attacked was the medical vessel she and Kingsley were on, which appeared similar to the German warship that Brice says he sank. Brice unsuccessfully tries to deny her accusation. Oday and Brice struggle to control the ship while Claire secretly goes on deck to try and signal the approaching boat with a flashlight. The crew abandons the Tiger Shark while Brice chases after Claire.

Brice, Loomis, and Coors confess to killing Captain Winters in a moment of rage. Winters immediately tried to rescue the survivors after they all realized they had made a terrible mistake and sunk the British medical ship. If he had been successful, it would have revealed their error, cost them their jobs, and they could have gone to jail. So the three killed Winters to stop him from saving the witnesses.

The crew makes it to the deck only to see Brice pointing a gun at Claire. He says there is no need for Winters to kill him like he killed Coors and Loomis before committing suicide with his firearm. The surviving crew managed to send a signal to the nearby ship (revealed to be British), who came to their rescue just as their boat sank into the water.

Once they are safe on the rescue ship, Oday has no idea what to tell his superiors about the Tiger Shark going down. Claire theorizes that the ghost of Winters wanted the boat to go down at this location for a reason. The camera then watches as the Tiger Shark falls to the ocean floor next to the debris of the British medical ship it accidentally destroyed – two boats finally brought together due to Winters' wishes.

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