The Whole Truth Ending Explained (Spoilers)

The Whole Truth Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by all-horror on August 22nd, 2022 | Spoiler | Slow Burn, Supernatural, Drama, Psychological, Thriller, Mystery, Dysfunctional Family, Dangerous Exploration, Killer Parent

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When two siblings stumble on a strange hole in the wall of their grandparents' house, horrifying incidents reveal sinister secrets about their family.

The Whole Truth: Spoilers Below

The Whole Truth (2021)

In the 2021 Thai horror movie The Whole Truth, Putt's condition isn't improving at home, and his grandmother insists he keeps drinking milk as it is more beneficial than medicine. Finally, the grandfather tracks down the man who harmed his family and blocked his way in a tunnel. The young man gets out of the car only for the older man to attack and set him on fire.

On the other side, Mai wakes up, and the doctor tells her that her kids are with their grandparents. She then runs away from the hospital. The grandfather is informed that a dashcam proved that the young man was telling the truth and that his friend had been driving and hit Mai. The grandfather gets angry when he hears this news.

Mai immediately goes to her parent's house, where Putt is becoming increasingly ill. Mai finds her pet cat dead on the lawn after it consumes some of the milk Putt had spilled. It's time for The Whole Truth to be exposed.

Mai confronts her parents and wants to take her children away from them. It turns out that Mai can see ghosts too. Even her mother but her husband had been giving her pills to suppress the ghostly visions he said were hallucinations.

Mai married Krit, an artist who didn't make much money. They had a daughter together, Pinya, who had a facial deformity. One day when Pinya's father was home alone, she wanted to play hide and seek. Krit agreed to play even though he was drinking at the time. Pinya goes to hide in the space under the stairs. The grandmother kept staring at the clock above the door. When she came downstairs and saw the door ajar, she locked it up. Krit was already passed out drunk by then.

Pinya was inside for an extended period and drank rat poison. She cried and threw up blood, but Krit didn't help her. When Mai returned with baby Pim and saw Pinya on the floor, she broke down. Her parents blamed Krit for being irresponsible. In the next scene, Krit is killed by a gunshot, revealing that the hole in the wall was caused by the bullet passing through Krit's head.

Mai wants to know from her father how Krit ended up with the gun in his hand. She is convinced that her father shot Krit and made it look like a suicide after coming across Pinya's corpse.

Pim's grandmother is too insistent on Putt drinking milk, so Pim picks up the glass and threatens to drink the milk. Her grandmother tries to stop her, and another dark secret is revealed. The grandmother had been poisoning her grandchildren because she thought they were unworthy of her affections due to their disfigurements.

Pinya and Putt's grandmother tells them how her daughter Mai was perfect, but she married a man like Krit, who was worthless and then had deformed children that she wanted to dispose of. Mai is shocked and disgusted to learn that her mother had poisoned Pinya and was poisoning Putt. She immediately wants to leave and warns her parents never to go near her children again.

The grandparents try to stop Mai but are confronted by the ghosts of Pinya and the grandfather's young man killed with fire. Later, Mai and Putt both recovered and returned home. However, Pim says she still hasn't learned everything to know. Mai shot and killed her husband Krit after he failed to take care of Pinya and save her life.

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