The Rental Ending Explained (Spoilers)

The Rental Ending Explained (Spoilers)

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Two couples rent a vacation home for what should be a celebratory weekend get-away.

The Rental: Spoilers Below

The Rental (2002)

In Dave Franco's directorial debut, The Rental, a vacation becomes a nightmare for two couples when they use an Airbnb-like site to book a secluded house on the Pacific Northwest coast. Dan Stevens and Alison Brie star as Charlie and Michelle, a married couple joined by Charlie's business partner Mina and her boyfriend, Josh. Unfortunately, they suspect they are not alone when strange things happen at their rental. What is meant to be a three-day vacation quickly becomes a stressful stay at a stranger's house. Over 24 hours, an affair is completed, secrets are revealed, and, without the group's knowledge, a masked killer is stalking them with evil intent.

The ending of The Rental is both surprising and unresolved, which may leave viewers wondering what happens. If you're still trying to figure out the end, read on for an explainer of the final, twisty act.

The final scenes of The Rental show the main characters' vacation going downhill after Michelle tells the group she's asked Taylor, the rental home property manager, to come over and fix the hot tub. Josh then realizes their dog Reggie is missing, which leads to fear that Taylor will throw them out for having a pet. Josh is preparing for a confrontation with Taylor, who he believes may have taken Reggie. Michelle, Rina, and Charlie attempt to reason with Josh and explain how his theory is far-fetched. Unfortunately, this only serves to increase the tension in the group.

Taylor is repairing the hot tub when Mina asks him to investigate the showers. Mina accused Taylor of racism the day before, and she led him into one of the bathrooms to show him a camera hidden in the shower head. Mina and Charlie are worried that the hidden cameras in the house have captured them hooking up without telling Michelle and Josh. Mina confronts Taylor, who she believes put the cameras there, but he denies knowing anything about them. Josh brutally beats up Taylor after they get into a fight, leaving him close to death.

All hell breaks loose when Charlie and Mina reveal to Michelle and Josh that someone has bugged their house but don't say what the cameras might have captured. Worries increase when they realize the cameras also captured Josh assaulting Taylor - a problem for the group. The killer, who has been recording the group for the past 24 hours, enters the house and kills Taylor as the rest of the group talks on the deck. After coming back to Taylor's dead body, the group starts to panic and figure out what to do next. Josh is willing to take the blame for the murder, but Charlie wants to get rid of the body instead. Michelle is upset and wants to go to the police but goes into the bedroom to think about it first.

Charlie, Mina, and Josh entrust Taylor's remains to the care of the rocky cliff face. Michelle, in the meantime, finds that security footage of Charlie and Mina's shower liaison is playing on the living room television (a murderer's little gift) and is so distressed that she packs her bags to leave. Charlie, Mina, and Josh go to look for Michelle. Charlie manages to reach her as she is driving away. Michelle talks to him about the cheating before driving off, where the killer has set a trap and kills her. The murderer then kills Charlie, who is looking for Michelle, and Josh, who tries to take down the leader after he sends footage of the hook-up to Josh's phone from Charlie's. Finally, with her partner and friends now dead, Mina has to run for her life with a killer chasing her through the house and woods on the rental property. Just as Mina seems to be getting away, she wanders through the misty woods and disappears from view, accidentally heading towards the cliffs at the property's edge as dawn breaks.

The murderer in The Rental destroys all of the surveillance equipment that they used to document their crimes. This includes removing cameras and other recording devices, such as potted plants and light fixtures from hidden locations. Then, they take off their disguise and take a moment to bask in what they've done before patting the magically resurfaced Reggie and leaving to repeat the process of bugging another rental property in hopes of murdering again.

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