The Beta Test Ending Explained (Spoilers)

The Beta Test Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by all-horror on April 07th, 2022 | Spoiler | Slow Burn, Madness, Thriller, Mystery, Internet, Dangerous Exploration

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An engaged Hollywood agent receives a mysterious letter for an anonymous sexual encounter and becomes ensnared in a sinister world of lying, infidelity, and digital data.

The Beta Test: Spoilers Below

The Beta Test Review

Jordan Hines (played by Jim Cummings) is a Hollywood agent who works for a talent agency, APE, and plans to marry Caroline Gates (played by Virginia Newcomb), his fianceé. Jordan receives an invitation in a purple envelope six weeks before his marriage. A secret admirer invites Jordan to an intimate encounter at the Royal Hotel, no strings attached. Jordan believes that Lisa Morrissey, his college lover, sent him the invitation. However, he dumps the letter in the dustbin in a moment of moral conscience. The next night Jordan goes out for dinner with his fianceé Caroline, his best friend and colleague, PJ ( played by PJ McCabe), and Lauren, PJ's wife. Jordan ponders the invitation and has an eerie vision of women hitting on him. Jordan has a nightmare that night and takes the invitation out of the bin.

At work the next day, Jordan fills the invitation, and Jaclyn, his assistant, drops it off in the mailbox. Jordan distractedly attends to Raymond Lee, a Chinese talent, and his wife, attempting to impress him to sign the talent for the agency. Afterward, Jordan receives a room card for suite no. 320 at the Royal Hotel. He decides to go but brings a knife with him for self-protection. Jordan agitatedly enters the hotel room wearing an eye mask and sleeps with an unknown woman also wearing a mask. Jordan starts feeling good about himself and confident as he commits adultery. However, his happiness soon ends as he becomes paranoid that someone is blackmailing him with his sin. He investigates and becomes entangled in a web of conspiracies.

Jordan obsessively investigates the identity of the woman he slept with and the source of the anonymous invitation. He initially believes that his college lover, Lisa Morrissey, is from Braintree, Massachusetts. But it wasn't her. Jordan checks his building's security footage to get the identity of the person who delivered the letter into his mailbox. He finds a delivery guy whose bag is filled with anonymous letters. He tells Jordan that he worked for an app, and the person who sent the invitations is likely also the app operator. Suddenly, Jordan finds the woman he slept with in a coffee shop. Despite Jordan's pressure, the woman doesn't reveal her name. To investigate the press that printed the envelopes, Jordan impersonates a federal agent. Michael, the owner of the press, told Jordan about a bulk order for these envelopes three months ago. Johnny Paypal, who managed Purple Envelope LLC, placed the order.

Jordan locates the company's registered address through an online portal and finally discovers the person sending the invitations. Jordan finds computer geek Johnny in the basement of an isolated house, who confesses to sending the letters based on data he stole from The Sony Hacks. Furthermore, Johnny reveals that Jordan never received the yellow envelope's third letter. Jordan threatened the delivery guy not to drop junk mail before it could be delivered.

After unraveling the truth, Jordan returns to his building and tries to burn the evidence. However, Jordan decides to confess to cheating on Caroline after she catches him red-handed. He reveals that he had started smoking and drinking again. Jordan accepts that he hides under a mask and lives a pretentious false life to impress people. It's part of his job as a Hollywood agent, but his work really isn't worthier than a travel agent. He asks Caroline to kill him upon seeing a pair of scissors in her hand. Caroline forgives him instead, and Jordan looks at her for a moment, realizing that she had also cheated on him.

The couple leaves the city together after the confession to revitalize their relationship. Caroline explains to Jordan in a diner near the border that humans have committed adultery and cheated on each other as long as they've existed. It's a little different in the internet era but still the same. She believes they could have told each other of their affairs instead of hiding it. Caroline holds her belly for a moment, implying that she is pregnant. A waitress writes her number on the bill and gives it to Jordan as he and Caroline exit the diner.

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