Studio 666 Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Studio 666 Ending Explained (Spoilers)

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Legendary rock band Foo Fighters move into an Encino mansion steeped in grisly rock and roll history to record their much anticipated 10th album.

Studio 666: Spoilers Below

Studio 666

In Studio 666, Samantha and keyboardist Rami are next after Foo Fighters' lead guitarist Shifty is killed. Drummer Taylor Hawkins tries to ruin the drum track to prevent the song from finishing but gives up and is killed by his cymbal. When the band's manager and real estate agent shows up at the house, it becomes clear that the whole incident was planned. The rhythm guitarist and bass player can lift the curse, and everything returns to normal. Unfortunately, the curse hasn't been officially lifted since the song has finished, despite Nate and Pat reading the exorcism passage from the Necronomicon-style book. Barb murders Nate, and Pat is killed after the Foo Fighters' van hits him. Dave Grohl ends the movie by embarking on a successful solo career. Still possessed, Grohl proves that he is a musical force to be reckoned with.

The Foo Fighters' Curse Explained

In the opening scene, The Caretaker murders the final Dream Widow band member Skye Willow, and the curse's effects are shown. The results of the curse begin to target the Foo Fighters. The source of the curse was a book found by the Caretaker, a book that supposedly contains the dark secrets of Aleister Crowley. The Caretaker slaughters animals and drains their blood into the book to complete the song, but after murdering all of his bandmates, he commits suicide. Samantha explains that the curse persists in the home because The Caretaker killed himself before finishing the song.

Dave becomes enchanted by The Caretaker when he finds the ancient book and the melody. Grohl grows obsessed with completing the 23-minute song to the neglect of his bandmates. Finally, Samantha reveals to the other Foo Fighters that the only method to save Dave is reading an exorcism from a book and then "feeding" it to him. Pat and Nate read from the book, successfully freeing Dave from possession. Dave vomits out The Caretakers Spirit. The Dream Widow characters kill The Caretaker and drain his blood into the book. This, unfortunately, does not break the curse, as Dave Grohl is no longer possessed, but the Foo Fighters finishing the song only completed one part of the curse.

Why Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl Doesn't Confront His Demons

The ending of the Foo Fighters movie Studio 666 sees Dave Grohl, still possessed and playing the first show of his new solo career. At the movie's beginning, he cares deeply for his friends/bandmates. The growing irritation that the boys are experiencing from the singer is not usual for them. The decision to turn on them and go solo is out of character for the frontman. While many musicians have broken ties with their bands and gone solo, Grohl began Foo Fighters with a solo album after the tragic death of his first bandmate. However, he grew his new band over time and has stuck with them since then.

What Dave goes through in Studio 666 when fighting his demons can be seen as a symbol of what many musicians experience when trying to overcome their demons. After the events of recording Medicine at Midnight, he was inspired to write a movie based on the experience. Ultimately, Dave cannot defeat the demons plaguing him due to the curse. His succumbing to the demons represents how so many musicians respond when they're told by the industry just how successful they'd be on their own. Musical acts' hype can often lead to ego-driven splits between band members, with the frontman often going solo.

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