Slumber Party Massacre Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Slumber Party Massacre Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by all-horror on April 08th, 2022 | Spoiler | Slasher, College, Serial Killer, Teen

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A remake of the 1982 slasher film about sorority girls attacked by a maniac killer with a large electric drill.

Slumber Party Massacre: Spoilers Below

Slumber Party Massacre Review

Trish Devereaux had a slumber party with friends Jackie, Kim, and Diane in a cabin in Holly Springs, California, in 1993. Chad, Trish's ex-boyfriend spies on the girls dancing after arriving to confront Trish. Instead, he sees a strange figure on the other side of the cabin: Russ Thorn, a killer who kills Chad with his power drill. Russ enters the house and murders Diane and Kim. Next, Russ drills Jackie in the throat, killing her, when Trish tries to stop her from opening the front door. Trish successfully escapes from Russ despite getting drilled through her hand by hitting him with an oar, sending him inside the lake. They never find his body but believe he drowned.

Dana, Trish's daughter, is heading out for a girls' weekend with best friends Maeve, Breanie, and Ashley in present-day Los Angeles. On the way, the girls learn that Alix, Maeve's younger sister, has stowed away. Reluctantly they let Alix join them. Their cargoes dead on the way to the house they rented in the re-named Jolly Springs. The girls talk to Kay, the general store owner who owns a cabin for rent after Ashley sees an ad for it. Kay reluctantly lets the girls rent the house and cautions them to stay still and quiet. Alix grows bored and goes out for a walk as the girls start dancing. She sees a few guys across the lake at a cabin and soon finds the mechanic's truck sitting in the road—the corpse of Dave the falls on Alix with drilled out eyes. A blood-soaked Alix returns to the cabin and warns the others. The girls yell "pillow fight" and reveal weapons such as knives and baseball bats. The girls tell Alix that they know Russ Thorn is still alive, and them being there for a slumber party is bait so they can finally kill him after 20 more victims had fallen since Trish's encounter.

Two guys from the cabin across the lake, John and Matt, go to their cabin and interrupt the girls. John reveals he is a massive fan of a crime podcast, and he and his buddies have rented out the actual cabin where Russ Thorn murdered Trish's friends. Matt freaks out upon noticing their weapons, and he and John leave. Dana and Maeve realize Russ could target them, so they follow them. The guys return to the cabin and hang out with Sean, Guy 1, and Guy 2. When Guy 1 chooses to go for a quick walk outside the house, he is excited when he sees Russ Thorn, up until he kills him with a drill. When the girls arrive at the guys' cabin, Russ turns off the lights, and Russ drills Guy 2 in the head during the chaos. Russ escapes, and the girls tell the surviving guys that Russ is alive and they need to stop him. Matt and John grab the legs of their chairs, and Sean grabs his guitar and goes after Russ despite the girls' warning. When Dana encounters Russ, a chase leads to Sean attempting to stop Russ and getting drilled in the face. Russ follows Dana to her cabin and tries a sneak attack, but the girls arrive and beat him up, giving Dana the opportunity to kill Russ with a slash to the throat. Alix runs out and stabs Russ repeatedly, ensuring his death.

The following day, the girls are relieved that they don't have to act fake anymore. Matt and John ponder everything going on in the meanwhile. Matt decides to shower, and a mysterious assailant kills him. When Alix begins to get violently ill from a tin of cookies gifted the night before, she is forced to watch Russ while they attempt to call the police. Ashley, a mechanic, tries to fix Maeve's SUV until the same mysterious assailant closes the hood on her, who kills Ashley after turning on the motor, which causes the car's fan blades to make an impact. When the others find that Russ' body has disappeared and sees Ashley under the hood, the assailant attacks them with a nail gun. Breanie goes to the window to see if it is safe, and a nail stabs her in the eye. Dana searches for help while Maeve takes care of her sister, who is still violently ill.

John confronts Dana as she looks for help, thinking she is the one who killed Matt and Guy 1. Dana tells John she didn't kill her friends, only Russ. John ditches Dana despite her pleas that they should leave together to get help. Finally, Dana finds Kay and tells her the situation. Kay is none other than Russ Thorn's vengeful mother, the mysterious assailant who killed Matt, Ashley, and Breanie. Kay goes after Alix, Dana, and Maeve, but Trish soon arrives and fights Kay. Kay uses a blade against Trish's injured hand and is shocked to learn that Russ' drilling has utterly damaged the nerves in her hand to the point of her being unable to feel pain. Dana gives Trish Russ' broken drill bit, and Trish kills Kay by stabbing her in the chest with it. As Kay dies, Trish, Dana, Maeve, and Alix hug as the terror ends.

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