No One Gets Out Alive Ending Explained (Spoilers)

No One Gets Out Alive Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by all-horror on March 22nd, 2022 | Spoiler | Survival, Possession, Supernatural, Thriller, Haunted House - Cursed

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An immigrant in search of the American dream who, after being forced to take a room in a boarding house, finds herself in a nightmare she can't escape.

No One Gets Out Alive: Spoilers Below

No One Gets Out Alive Review

After her mother dies, Ambar, an undocumented Mexican immigrant, moves to Cleveland, Ohio. Before her mother died, she took care of her to the point of interfering with the functioning of Ambar's everyday life, as her condition continued to deteriorate. When her friend asks why she moved to America, she says she supported her sickly mother. She finds a run-down boarding house run by Red that she can live in, who demands the first month's rent upfront, which Ambar can give him with a reserve of money she appeared to save up for her move. Then, strange things start happening around her. She witnesses a man banging his head against the door one night, who she later learns is Becker, Red's sick brother. Needing a fake ID to allow her to continue working, Ambar gives her co-worker the last of her savings to acquire it for her, but they take the money and quit the next day. Her boss fires her when she asks for an advance on her next pay and her co-worker's address.

Ambar is forced to call Red as her distant cousin Beto isn't willing to help her, she doesn't have any money, and she is unwilling to return to the house after the visions. Ambar and Red meet at a nearby café, where he claims he doesn't have enough money on him but can refund her deposit if she returns to the boarding house with him. Ambar confronts Red at the home since there isn't any money in her room like he said there'd be. Ambar locks herself in her room after Becker forces her in it, along with two Romanian women who are newcomers to the boarding house.

As Red and Becker prepare to take the women down to the basement, Beto looks for Ambar, but Becker kills him. As Becker forces one of the struggling Romanian women into the basement, Red tells Ambar that his dad was an archeologist who brought back a stone box from his trip to Mexico in 1963. Something about the box led Red's father and his mother, Mary, to trap and murder women, who are the ghosts Ambar has been seeing. Red wanted to leave after discovering his parent's crimes, but Becker insisted on staying: each woman sacrificed improved Becker's health. Becker returns to take Ambar downstairs with him, where she sees the woman has been decapitated. Becker ties Ambar to a stone slab in front of a box sitting atop an altar, which he opens before he leaves the room and shuts the door. She dreams that her cousin Beto is still alive and comes to untie and rescue her.

A creature slowly crawls out of the box and takes Ambar's head between its hands to read Ambar's mind and learn what she has sacrificed, as she dreams of her mother on her deathbed. The dream reveals the truth that Ambar killed her mother: she lied to her friend about why she moved to the United States, and the money saved has initially been to support her mother in the nursing home. The truth in her dream causes the creature tzppltl, the Aztec goddess of Paradise made possible through sacrifice, to accept Ambar's sacrifice and return into the box. Ambar hears Red and Becker readying the final woman for sacrifice. Becker realizes he hasn't healed. Amber goes upstairs and injures Red using an ancient weapon she grabbed from the study, and then Becker attacks her. The Romanian woman tries to help, but Becker throws her over the balcony, killing her. Becker tries to choke Amber, but she slices his throat and crushes his head with the weapon. She hears Red moving in the room next to her, and she ties him onto the stone table downstairs, where she watches tzppltl bite off his head. As she leaves the house, her ankle, broken by Becker earlier, suddenly heals as she had sacrificed Red to the monster. Red is a ghost in the background.

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