Mad God Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Mad God Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by all-horror on June 30th, 2022 | Spoiler | Mind Bender, Mutant, War, Dangerous Exploration, B-Horror, Arthouse, Apocalypse

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A corroded diving bell descends amidst a ruined city and the Assassin emerges from it to explore a labyrinth of bizarre landscapes inhabited by freakish denizens.

Mad God: Spoilers Below

Mad God

In Mad God, a lone figure known as the Assassin lowers themselves in a diving bell past several levels of surreal landscapes. Many of these landscapes hint at a devastating apocalypse, while others are consumed by the ravages of time. Emerging from the diving bell, the Assassin continues on foot, frequently consulting a crumbling map. The scene around him is a chaotic mess, like some twisted purgatory. The creatures come in all sizes, from tiny to several times the size of the Assassin. But he continues exploring without being bothered by them.

After traveling past numerous worlds and descending to a lower level, the Assassin arrives at his destination. He looks around to see enormous piles of suitcases similar to the one he is carrying. There have been many people like him before. He removes an explosive from his case and barely sets the timer before being abducted by a ferocious mechanical creature. Unfortunately, the explosive's timer breaks, and our Assassin soon falls into the clutches of the same captors who have captured all his predecessors.

The Assassin's enemies remove various items from his stomach and drill a hole in his head. Then, in a series of extended flashbacks, we see how the last man on earth has an army of assassins whom he lowers into the ground one at a time. From his control room, he tracks the progress of each of his assassins and drops another one whenever the current one is apprehended.

Does the bomb explode?

The captors find an offspring inside the Assassin and take it away. An imposing being handles the offspring to a smelting workshop. Here, the offspring are killed and turned into glittering dust, seemingly opening a portal and shaking up the murky world.

The Assassin's earlier placed bomb seems to be stirred by the dust, and the needle on the timer starts moving again. Finally, the film closes with another shot of the Last Man standing on the surface, looking down at the world below to see if the bomb went off.

The latest Assassin attempt to plant a bomb seems to have finally succeeded, after many unsuccessful attempts by his predecessors. It's unclear how many attempts have been made in the past, but the way everyone involved goes about their business suggests that it's been a lot.

The captors below have an extensive collection of captured Assassins who have endured brutal torture and dismemberment. Perhaps what makes this particular Assassin different is that they found an offspring within him. The bomb seems to go off because of the disturbance caused by the baby's ashes. The timer on the bomb probably starts working again because of this disturbance. Therefore, the explosion probably occurs, and the movie ends with the Last Man seeing the effects of the blast.

There is also the possibility that the bomb does not go off, which would mean that the process repeats itself and another killer is sent down. Therefore, it seems only fitting that the film should focus on the final explosion rather than the never-ending cycle that came before it.

What will happen to the world after the bomb explodes? The Last Man could continue to send Assassins into the now ruined world. This may be just one of many different worlds that the Last Man peers into, and after the bomb explodes, he merely moves on to the next one.

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