Last Night in Soho Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Last Night in Soho Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by all-horror on February 16th, 2022 | Spoiler | Supernatural, Psychological, Mystery, College, Giallo, Alternate Timeline, British

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An aspiring fashion designer is mysteriously able to enter the 1960s where she encounters a dazzling wannabe singer. But the glamour is not all it appears to be and the dreams of the past start to crack and splinter into something darker.

Last Night in Soho: Spoilers Below

Last Night in Soho Review

Eloise "Ellie" Turner loves the fashion and music of the Swinging Sixties and dreams of working as a fashion designer. Her mother, who was a designer, committed suicide when Ellie was a child. Ellie sometimes sees the ghost of her mother in mirrors.

Ellie moves out of her rural home near Redruth, Cornwall to London, to study at the London College of Fashion. However, she experiences difficulty fitting in with her classmates, particularly Jocasta, her snobbish roommate. The only other student sympathetic to her is John. Unhappy in the residence hall, Ellie moves out of in-school housing to live in a bedsit owned by elderly Ms. Collins.

Ellie has a vivid dream that night where she travels back through time to the 1960s. At the Café de Paris, she witnesses a young and confident blonde woman, Sandie, inquiring about becoming a singer at the club. Sandie and Jack, the handsome teddy boy manager, start a relationship with each other. The following day, Ellie takes inspiration from Sandie and designs a dress, and finds that her neck has a love bite.

Ellie experiences another dream in which Jack arranges an audition for Sandie, who is accepted, at a nightclub in Soho. Ellie is inspired by her visions, changes her fashion style to match Sandie's, dyes her hair blonde, uses her as inspiration for her dress designs, and gets a job at a pub. A silver-haired man observes her and recognizes her resemblance to Sandie. Ellie continues to dream, discovering that Jack has pimped Sandie to his male business associates.

Ellie is disturbed by increasingly menacing apparitions of Jack and Sandie's abusers in her waking life. After spirits accost Ellie at a Halloween party, she flees with John to her bedsit. Upon their return to her bedsit, she sees a vision of Jack murdering Sandie. Ellie believes the silver-haired man is Jack and tries to track him down. She asks the police, but they don't take her seriously.

Ellie is unsuccessful in finding newspaper reports about Sandie's murder in the university library instead of discovering newspaper articles of local men who disappeared without a trace. When the spirits appear again, Ellie almost stabs Jocasta in a panic. When Ellie confronts the silver-haired man, and after he angrily denies that he killed Sandie, he is struck and killed by a taxi while leaving the pub. The pub landlady informs Ellie that the man's name is Lindsay, and Ellie remembers seeing him in her dreams; he was actually an undercover vice officer who tried helping Sandie to escape her life of prostitution.

Ellie is devastated and decides to leave London, and John drives her back to Ms. Collins' house. She lets Ms. Collins know of her intentions to leave. Ms. Collins informs her that a detective arrived earlier questioning Sandie's murder before revealing that she herself is Sandie. She explains that Ellie's earlier vision of Sandie's death was of her killing Jack after he threatened her life. Afterward, she lured the men she was pimped to into her room and killed them as well, then she hid the corpses in the walls and floorboards of the house. Ms. Collins also reveals that she spiked Ellie's tea with a drug and intends to kill her to keep her secret safe.

During the fight between them, a cigarette from Sandie's ashtray ignites a box of records. Sandie stabs John, who was trying to save Ellie. Ellie escapes to her room, but refuses when the spirits of Sandie's victims beg her to kill Ms. Collins. Ms. Collins enters Ellie's room, sees the spirits and is slapped by the ghost of Jack. She tries to slit her own throat since the police are outside, but Ellie stops her and lets her know she empathizes with her reason for killing her abusers. Ms. Collins (Sandie) tells Ellie to save John and herself from the growing fire. Sandie remains in the building and dies in the fire.

Sometime later, Ellie enjoys success as a fashion show showcases her dresses. Her grandmother and John, now her boyfriend, both congratulate her backstage. Ellie sees her mother's spirit in a mirror and then a vision of Sandie, who waves at her and blows her a kiss.

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