Demonic Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Demonic Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by all-horror on April 13th, 2022 | Spoiler | Supernatural, Demon, Mystery, Dysfunctional Family, Satanic, Dangerous Exploration

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A young woman unleashes terrifying demons when supernatural forces at the root of a decades-old rift between mother and daughter are ruthlessly revealed.

Demonic: Spoilers Below

Demonic Review

Carly is a young woman who had fallen out of contact with her mother, Angela, who was convicted of manslaughter when she burned down a care home she worked at and poisoned a church, killing 21 people. Angela's motives for her rampage are a mystery, and Carly hasn't talked to her in many years. Sam, Carly's best friend, supports her. They cut off Martin, their other childhood friend, after making strange theories about Angela. Nightmares of Angela plague Carly. Carly receives a text from Martin, saying he wants to meet and talk with her. Upon meeting, Martin tells Carly that a medical company called Therapol invited him to be part of a focus group test involving actual medical patients, a comatose Angela. Carly is stunned by this revelation, and Therapol later contacts her and asks her to discuss Angela with them at their facility.

She meets Daniel and Michael, both scientists, who explain that Angela entered a coma after a series of violent prison episodes and is trapped inside her own body. They tell Carly that her mother is highly active inside a simulation and regularly calls for Martin and Carly. They ask Carly if she is okay with entering her mother's mind to talk to her, and she reluctantly agrees to do so. In the simulation, Carly enters her childhood home and confronts Angela about her murder spree. Angela demands Carly leaves, and she does. That night in her home, Carly has a dream of a symbol of a raven carcass.

Carly returns to Therapol for another dive into the simulation. Inside she arrives outside the old sanitorium her mother used to work at. She meets Angela, who claims she never calls for Martin and Carly. Angela's simulation body glitches out, and the scientists ignore a terrified Carly's demands for them to remove her from the simulation. She enters the sanitorium and finds Sam's body before being attacked by an avian-like demon, which slashes its arms open, forming the same cut on Carly's real body when she wakes up. Carly exits the simulation and tells Michael and Daniel how she and Martin found Angela in the sanatorium with the same wound on her arm years ago. Carly leaves Therapol, refusing to participate in another simulation.

Carly goes to tell Martin about her experience. He explains his demonic possession theories and shows Carly a sketch of the same demon she encountered in the sanitorium. Martin claims to be suffering from the same nightmares as Carly and explains how the demon manipulates its target through friends and family. He tells Carly his theory that the Vatican regularly sends out black-ops teams comprised of priests. The Vatican buys companies like Therapol to find people who seemingly suffer from medical conditions but are really experiencing demonic possession before the squad brings the demon to its entry point from hell, eliminating it. In Angela's case, the demon's entry point is the sanitorium. Carly, bewildered, refuses to accept anything he says and returns home. Martin suspects the demon is influencing Carly.

That night, a concerned Sam visits Carly, but Carly tells her to leave. Sam returns later the same night with a bird mask and tells Carly to "look for me in the woods." Sam's body contorts after wearing the bird masks and chases Carly around the house. Carly barricades herself in her bedroom, where the demon attacks her. Carly wakes up from the nightmare and hurries to Sam's house. It is revealed that Michael and Daniel are spying on her and that Martin's theory is correct: they are both priests planning to eliminate the demon at the sanitorium. While trapped in Angela's unconscious body, the demon has grown obsessed with Carly and wishes to possess her so it can make her commit the same crimes as her mother. Carly recruits Martin to help her look for Sam, who has disappeared from her house. They find a Sam traumatized in the woods, who claims a bunch of men carried Angela into the sanatorium nearby. They leave Sam in Martin's car, and he and Carly go to retrieve Angela.

They find the black ops team massacred at the sanatorium and find Daniel, who is dying. He explains how the demon entered Michael, who killed the squad; Daniel gives Carly a holy lance that can kill the demon. Carly enters the simulation to rescue her mother. She finds her finally free from the demon, and she makes amends with Carly before she dies peacefully. Carly leaves the simulation to find that Martin has gone missing; she goes to look for him. She finds his car in flames, with Sam's charred corpse inside. Carly finds Michael torturing Martin, who gives chase to Carly. Carly pierces Michael with the lance, killing the demon's vessel but accidentally sending it into herself. Carly fights for control over her body and stabs herself with the holy lance, killing the demon.

Carly awakens in a hospital sometime later and makes amends with Martin. She leaves flowers at Angela's grave.

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