Day Shift Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Day Shift Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by n_degus on September 14th, 2022 | Spoiler | Vampire, Supernatural, Thriller, Urban Decay, Splatter, Hollywood

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A hard-working, blue-collar dad just wants to provide a good life for his quick-witted 10-year-old daughter. His mundane San Fernando Valley pool cleaning job is a front for his real source of income: hunting and killing vampires.

Day Shift: Spoilers Below

Day Shift (2022)

Why are vampires living in Los Angeles?

In 2022's Day Shift, Audrey, a local realtor, has been buying up houses in the area and filling them with vampires. Why? Is she planning to create a horror movie set, or does she have a more sinister purpose in mind? The woman in the movie is a vampire, worried that the vampire population has been running low. So, she has started turning humans into vampires to populate LA with more bloodsuckers.

Bud, a young man, has his hands full with evil vampires. However, he also meets some good vampires. His new partner Seth is turned into a vampire during their missions, and his neighbor Heather is also affected.

Bud is driving down a dark road, contemplating what to do with the girl he has in the car. She's a vampire, and he knows that if he doesn't kill her, she'll kill him. However, he can't bring himself to do it. Suddenly, another vampire appears on the road, and Bud instinctively decapitates him. The headless vampire manages to fix his head back on, and he and Bud have a bumpy car ride.

Heather and Seth agree to help Bud with his mission to slay vampires. It's a good thing they do because Audrey kidnaps his ex-wife and daughter. Bud needs everyone's help to rescue them.

Why does Audrey abduct Bud's family?

Remember the older woman that Bud killed at the beginning of the movie? She was Audrey's daughter, despite looking significantly older than her. Naturally, this drives Audrey to seek revenge against Bud. Heather and Seth are Bud's sharp-toothed buddies, who he turns to for help when a vengeful woman abducts his family. Bud comes after the woman to regain his family, and the three must face off against her and her deadly allies.

Hordes of undead creatures surround Bud and his allies, but they are saved when Big John arrives and uses a powerful chain gun to kill the monsters.

Despite John's heroic act, he is bitten by one of the vampires. However, before he turns into a vampire, he uses a giant bomb to kill all the vampires around him, including himself. This act gives Bud a chance he needs to make his escape.

Does Bud rescue his family?

Bud has a showdown with Audrey and creates a wired trap that decapitates the evil realtor. This trap is sure to put an end to Audrey's reign of terror once and for all. He is then reconnected with his family, who now understand that he isn't a pool cleaner.

Ultimately, Big John is the only one who doesn't get what he wants. With the money from Audrey's bounty, he can get back together with his ex-wife and pay their daughter's tuition. He and his family have a happy ending, but Big John is left empty-handed. Nevertheless, it seems he is not dead, as he makes a brief appearance at the movie's end. So, how did he survive?

Why is Big John still alive?

Big John, whoever he is, survived the explosion that Seth experienced. It's unclear how exactly he did it, but it's possible that he was able to put himself back together as Seth did. But, of course, he should have been more careful. After all, getting bitten by a vampire likely turned him into a bloodsucker, making him impervious to any form of damage that isn't a silver bullet or a crucifix.

Of course, the explosive used makes a difference. A UV bomb would be more effective against sun-allergic vampires than a regular bomb. Even though he wasn't fully turned, the vampire would have survived the blast.

Despite our assumption that Big John became a vampire, we still don't know if he did. After emerging from the sewer and lighting a joint, his final line of dialogue is ominous: "That's what I love about LA. All the damn vampires."

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