Choose or Die Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Choose or Die Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by all-horror on May 06th, 2022 | Spoiler | Cursed, Supernatural, Drama, Thriller, Teen, Dysfunctional Family, Survival Game, B-Horror

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After firing up a lost 80s survival horror game, a young coder unleashes a hidden curse that tears reality apart, forcing her to make terrifying decisions and face deadly consequences.

Choose or Die: Spoilers Below

Choose or Die

The movie opens with a scene of father and 1980s fanatic Hal playing a video game called CURS>R, unaware of the dangerous consequences it may have for his wife and son. When confronted with the choice of "his tongue or her ears," Hal chooses "his tongue" and watches in horror as his wife cuts out their son's tongue.

And that's just Level 1. We see during the title sequence that Hal continues to face  choices with potentially dire consequences until Level 3 gives him the option to make copies of the game to keep his loved ones safe... "for now."

One of the copies of the game ends up at Isaac's house, where Kayla picks it up and starts playing it that night, tempted by the chance to help her mother with the prize money. She is unaware that the game can alter reality, but after Level 1 ends with a waitress consuming glass and Level 2 sees her mother being chased by an oversized rat, she realizes her mistake.

Kayla asks Isaac for help understanding what is happening before the third level starts at 2 am. They find strange symbols in the game's code which Isaac assumes helps the game "interact with reality," but a command prompt is missing.

They can't investigate further as the next level starts and takes Kayla back to the swimming pool where her brother drowned. She blames herself for this and has to choose between saving her 'brother' or saving Isaac. She decides to save Isaac, avoiding the game's trick.

Isaac traces the game's prize money phone number to an abandoned warehouse, where they find a video documenting an experiment Beck carried out on March 12, 1984. The investigation reveals that CURS>R was an attempt to weaponize an ancient curse.

In the video, Beck explains that since discovering the curse, they haven't been able to discern its meaning or origins, but they have determined that its symbols seem to affect reality. He continues to explain that when the curse is used to inflict pain, fear, or suffering against another person, the curser benefits. Next, Beck and his research team transcribed the ancient symbols into 8-bit code inside a horror game they named "choose or die."

In one of Beck's experiments, an unlucky test subject plays the game and is compelled to eat his arm. A wound on Beck's arm heals as he does so, and Beck says, "Sometimes, a curse can be a gift."

A symbol that Kayla spots in the video is the missing command prompt that could unlock the game's mystery. However, before they can do anything, CURS>R starts Level 4 early and forces Kayla to choose between fast-forwarding or rewinding Isaac. No matter what she chooses, he is doomed as a punishment for 'cheating' the game.

After Isaac passes away, Kayla is instructed by the game to "beat the boss" and given the location of Hal's house seen at the movie's beginning. When she arrives, it is evident that Hal has kept playing the game as his family has numerous concealed injuries, and he is afraid that he was the one who activated the curse.

Hal and Kayla compete against each other in a dark and twisted battle to become the new "curser," where any injuries they inflict on themselves affect the other. To win, Kayla drowns herself in a pool, which causes Hal to drown.

Kayla then receives the control over the curse on her phone using the command prompt, in the same way Beck did. Her first victim is Lance, a drug dealer who had dealt to her mother. Soon, she received a call from Beck, who is now a successful tech CEO.

Beck asks Kayla, "who will suffer next?" Kayla's reply is, "Only people who deserve it."

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