Blood Red Sky Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Blood Red Sky Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by all-horror on April 21st, 2022 | Spoiler | Vampire, Survival, Mutant, Thriller, Single Mom, Creature, Military

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A woman with a mysterious illness is forced into action when a group of terrorists attempt to hijack a transatlantic overnight flight.

Blood Red Sky: Spoilers Below

Blood Red Sky Review

An airborne plane is hijacked and is about to crash land. However, someone takes control of the plane and lands it at a Scottish RAF base. A man in the cockpit says he is wounded, but the passengers suspect he is a hijacker. The base's commanding officer then asks a woman to talk to a child who was a passenger aboard the plane.

Several hours earlier, Nadja, a German widow, and her son Elias prepare to board a plane to New York; Nadja, who has leukemia, is going to see a doctor who can provide her with treatment. But instead, Elias befriends a man named Farid at the airport while his mother takes medicine that causes her intense discomfort.

The co-pilot Bastian and a group of men discreetly murder the three air marshals on the plane and sabotage the black box as the passengers settle down for the evening, preventing the aircraft from being tracked on radar. Their leader, Berg, then tells the passenger that his group now controls the plane, and they expect everyone to behave until a ransom is paid for their safety. Nadja follows Elias trying to hide. However, Eightball, a sociopathic hijacker, notices them and shoots Nadja several times. The hijackers assume she is dead and begin the second stage of their plan, forcing the pilot Farid to record a statement that terrorists have seized the plane for a suicide attack, knowing the military will shoot the plane down.

Nadja slowly regains consciousness and relives the day Nikolai, her husband, was killed. During a family trip, he had gone to a local farmhouse for help after their car broke down, but he failed to return. Nadja went to look for her husband but was attacked by his killer, a vampire who bit Nadja before the sunrise burnt him to ash. Nadja transformed into a vampire and searched the farmhouse for answers. Instead, she ran into an elderly vampire who tried to shoot her to stop the further spread of vampirism. Still, she overpowered and beat him to death before escaping with vials of vampire suppressant and burning the farmhouse.

Nadja enters the cargo hold and removes the dentures and contact lenses that conceal her mutated fangs and eyes before killing and drinking the blood of a dog. A hijacker catches her in the act; she murders and feeds on him, completing her vampiric transformation. She finds Farid, and they regain control of the plane just as the hijackers are about to escape in parachutes. Nadja surprises and bites Berg trying to take back control of the cockpit. She stabs him with a knife before he can mutate into a vampire. The hijackers task Eightball with killing Nadja after they realize what they are dealing with. He extracts some of her blood after stunning her with a UV light, but Elias attacks him with Berg's gun and shoots out a window which depressurizes the plane just as Eightball is about to stake her. The hijackers restore the pressure after taking back control of the cockpit. Eightball escapes into the cargo hold and injects himself with Nadja's blood; she tries to set him on fire but fails to destroy him entirely. Soon enough, the other hijackers, except for Bastian, are ambushed and killed by Eightball, now a vampire, while the rest of the passengers arm themselves. Nadja convinces the passengers that she wants to help, and they manage to secure the plane and lock Eightball in the hold.

The co-pilot Bastian informs Nadja that the plane must land soon or crash, as it does not have enough fuel left to reach New York. A selfish passenger dying from an injury and hoping to be bitten and made immortal releases Bastian; instead, he kills him and proceeds to turn most of the other passengers into vampires. Nadja decides to sacrifice herself by using the hijackers' explosives to kill them, as she knows they will escape and avoid justice if the plane lands. Elias stops her and goes himself but is only able to grab the detonator before he is surrounded by vampires. Nadja makes Farid promise to look after Elias before killing and feeding on Bastian, knowing that her vampirism will prevent her from being a loving mother to Elias. Nadja is attacked and drained of her blood by Eightball while trying to save her son. Farid steers the plane into the morning sun's rays just as Eightball is about to kill Elias; Eightball falls and burns to death. Elias gives some of his blood to his mother to save her life but knowing that her taste for her son's blood and her loss of humanity puts him in danger, she rejects him and flees.

The plane lands at the Scottish RAF base, but the authorities ignore Elias and Farid's pleas and board the aircraft looking for survivors, resulting in a massacre. As the emergency responders send an ambulance to transport Elias to a hospital, he demands his teddy bear be given back and then subdues a medic who tries to inject him with a sleep sedative. Elias runs back to the plane to see his mother feeding on a soldier, but she only returns a hungry roar when he calls for him. She sprints toward him, intending to devour him. Elias finally realizes that his mother is gone and all that is left of her is a rabid beast and triggers the detonator he hid in his teddy bear, which kills his mother and the other vampires. Farid is released from custody and embraces a traumatized Elias.

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