BLACK FRIDAY! Ending Explained (Spoilers)

BLACK FRIDAY! Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by all-horror on March 23rd, 2022 | Spoiler | Comedy, Survival, Holiday, Thanksgiving, Gore, B-Horror

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A group of toy store employees must protect each other from a horde of parasite infected shoppers.

BLACK FRIDAY!: Spoilers Below


A parasitic organism attacks All-Mart employee Monty while preparing its Black Friday sale. He transforms into a murderous creature and kills two of his coworkers.

Ken Bates drops off his daughters Gracie and Lyla for dinner with their mother and her new husband, Grant, since he has to work during Thanksgiving. Afterward, Ken picks up Chris Godecki, his nebbish coworker, and drives to their late shift at We Love Toys. Chris and Ken join their coworkers Bircher, Brian, Archie, Ruth, Emmett, Anita, and Marnie as they prepare to open the store's doors for Black Friday and let in the anxious shoppers assembling outside. Unfortunately, while smoking a cigarette Bircher accidentally locks himself outside the building. A rabid shopper possessed by a parasite bites Bircher, mutating him into a monster.

Jonathan Wexler, the store manager, has his employees open the doors. Shoppers pour in, gradually becoming violent as the parasitic mutation infects everyone. Eventually, the workers of We Love Toys realize that the customers are becoming fierce mutants as they are assaulted and forced to defend themselves. A parasite possesses Emmett and emits a tentacle that kills Anita. Emmett turns into a beast before running toward the Santa's Village display.

Ruth barricades himself in an office while Archie leads Brian and Chris through a horde of parasite-infected shoppers to close an exit door before more get inside. In the bathroom, Ken and Jonathan battle a mutant. Sneaking into Santa's Village, Marnie sees that the transformed shoppers assimilate into an enlarging sac. Jonathan, Ken, Chris, Ruth, Brian, Archie, and Marnie regroup on the store floor once the exit door is secured. A speeding police car driven by a mutated officer crashes through the front window. The car runs over Ruth. Parasite-ridden customers flood the building again. One of the monsters kills Archies after he rescues Chris.

Ken, Chris, Jonathan, Brian, and Marnie barricade themselves in the storeroom. The coworkers bond over sliced turkey meat while talking about their various tenures at the store. However, the group conversation turns confrontational when Chris and Ken argue about their disappointment with their lives, and Marnie calls out Ken for not having a real romance with her. A mutant breaches the storeroom while they bicker, biting Ken in the chaos. Assuming he is now infected and will soon transform, Ken stays behind while Chris, Jonathan, Marnie, and Brian head to the loading dock to get a truck to escape with. With Chris unable to start it, he and the others fight off another creature before going to the roof. Meanwhile, We Love Toys catches fire as the main sac grows into a giant creature that soon fills up the whole store. Jonathan distracts a horde by sacrificing himself to it so Chris, Brian, and Marnie can escape back to the ground.

Brian confesses he was the one who bit Ken during the chaos earlier, so Ken is not infected. The giant monster breaks through the store's roof, having already assimilated all the mutant shoppers. Brian tries to confront the beast, but it kills him. Ken rejoins Marnie and Chris outside. Ken distracts the monster while Chris tricks it into eating a forklift, which causes the injured creature to collapse into the fire. Ken, Chris, and Marnie escape in Ken's car. However, more massive monsters emerge from other stores in the distance.

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