Black as Night Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Black as Night Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Horrorific content by all-horror on April 11th, 2022 | Spoiler | Vampire, Supernatural, Thriller, Mystery, Teen, Black Horror

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A teenage girl with self-esteem issues finds confidence in the most unlikely way, by spending her summer battling vampires that prey on New Orleans' disenfranchised with the help of her best friend, the boy she's always pined for, and a peculiar rich girl.

Black as Night: Spoilers Below

Black as Night Review

Vampires attack Marvin, a homeless man, while he searches for cans.

Shawna is a teenage girl who lives with her big brother Jamal and Steven's father. Denise, her mother, is a drug addict who lives at the Ombreaux, a housing project scheduled for demolition to become a mixed-use development. Shawna visits Denise at the Ombreaux, passing the street preacher Babineaux who is leading a protest against the Ombreaux's destruction; Shawna thinks the rally is a waste of time and does not get involved. However, when Shawna reaches Denise's apartment, Denise begs Shawna for drug money and reveals that she still has a silver locket with their family photographs. Afterward, Shawna sees her crush Chris at the Ombreaux, and she also hears beastly noises coming from within a boarded-up apartment.

Pedro, Shawna's best friend, is an intelligent student who has qualified for a prestigious academy in Texas but doesn't want to attend. He claims he needs to be in New Orleans, but Shawna thinks he doesn't want to be around too many white people. Nevertheless, Pedro encourages her to attend a party and talk to Chris. Shawna talks to Chris despite her belief that he's only attracted to girls with lighter skin but fails to impress Chris, and he denies having ever been to the Ombreaux when Shawna says she saw him there. Embarrassed, Shawna quickly leaves the party. A homeless man stops her on her way home, and vampires attack both of them; however, a red car scares away the vampire who is drinking her blood by turning on its headlights. Shawna makes it home, but the homeless man is gone.

Shawna panics that she might become a vampire, but the following day she discovers she is not affected by sunlight and has not shifted. She then tells Pedro what happened. The two decide that the beastly noises are probably another vampire. They go to warn Denise, but when they arrive at her apartment, she's already turned, and her silver locket is missing. The students let in sunlight by opening a window as she attacks Shawna. Denise is set alight, falls through the window, and burns to death.

The police recover and return the silver locket, though they don't know what to make of Denise's death. Steven tells Shawna after Denise's funeral that Denise was pregnant with her during Hurricane Katrina and considers Shawna a miracle. To learn how to fight vampires, Shawna goes to a book club for fans of vampire literature. She meets Ganya, the club's leader, who uses her encyclopedic knowledge of vampire books to give Shawna advice. Chris offers his help in bringing Denise's killer to justice, so Shawna takes him and Pedro to the Ombreaux and breaks into the boarded-up apartment, where the now-vampiric Marvin attacks them. They restrain him and make him talk; Marvin says that LeFrak is the lead vampire and turning derelicts and homeless people into a vampire army. They learn that the red car is LeFrak's, and LeFrak presumably spared Shawna because he realized she wasn't lost and might be missed if she vanished. Marvin says that killing LeFrak will theoretically turn his victims back into humans. The trio debates between killing Marvin or risking him warning LeFrak by sparing him, but Marvin breaks his restraints and attacks them, forcing them to kill him in self-defense.

Shawna and Pedro investigate LeFrak's mansion. Pedro discusses how a slave-owner once owned the estate and prevented the Union army from freeing his slaves by hiding them in underground tunnels. Shawna notices a man in a taxi watching her, but he drives away before doing anything. After more investigation, they discover that LeFrak has prostitutes sent to the mansion regularly. The group decides to dress Granya and Shawna as prostitutes to infiltrate the mansion and kill LeFrak, while Chris and Pedro devise a getaway plan. Granya notes that the prostitutes have likely been brainwashed not to remember the vampires. She advises Shawna to resist brainwashing by focusing only on memory and blocking everything else out.

The four gather at night outside the mansion, and Chris tapes a stake to Shawna's leg under her stocking. The man in the taxi returns, but Shawna ignores him. She and Granya then approach the mansion; although Granya freezes and says she wants to back out at the last moment, a vampire opens the door and brings them inside before Granya can flee. Vampires bring Shawna and Granya to a waiting room, where Shawna hears Babineaux preaching an aggressive sermon in an adjacent room. They then bring Shawna to LeFrak's room. LeFrak says that he prefers girls with lighter skin but will make an exception for Shawna before making her remove her locket. She tucks the stake into the back of her outfit after excusing herself to the restroom, then returns to LeFrak. He tries hypnotizing her, but she focuses on a memory of playing with her mother to overcome his spell. Chris and Pedro begin spraying garlic into the mansion's vents. Many vampires start to cough and choke, and though Babineaux tries to deliver a warning, Shawna stakes and kills LeFrak first. None of the vampires become human again, and the four make a fighting retreat from the mansion. Shawna grabs her locket before she leaves.

The four return to Shawna's home; though Steven is at work, Jamal is present and demands to know what's going on. They disregard him and discuss how the vampires did not revert to being human as they had expected. Shawna realizes that LeFrak couldn't have been the master vampire and that Babineaux must be the leader. She checks a photograph Pedro found and notes that Babineaux looks identical to an enslaved person forced to work at the mansion. Before investigating further, three vampires sent by Babineaux break into Shawna's house and try to kill everyone, including Jamal. Before they are overwhelmed and killed, the man from the taxi arrives, kills all the hostile vampires, and identifies himself as Tunde, an 800-year-old vampire.

Tunde explains that Babineaux is, in fact, a former slave who a vampire bit, killed his enslaver, and became a vampire supremacist who views humans as a lesser species. He's been monitoring Babineaux for a long time, explaining why he was also waiting outside Babineaux's mansion in a taxi. He also reveals that modern technology has rendered it unnecessary for vampires to drink human blood. Because vampires who are older and have sufficiently dark skin are immune to sunlight's effects, he can safely go outside during the day. When the topic of Shawna's skin color is brought up, Tunde says that in Nigeria, his native land, the princess of his tribe had highly dark skin, and everyone considered her to be the most beautiful girl around. He then marshals his forces to kill Babineaux, leaving behind his subordinate Yakubu to guard the quartet and make sure they do not fight Babineaux again.

Chris says that because his brother is a drug addict, he wants to help Shawna; he also admits to being at the Ombreaux. Pedro tells Shawna he changed his mind and will attend the Texas academy. Yakubu gets a call from Tunde that his forces have destroyed Babineaux's army, but Babineaux vanishes. They determine that Babineaux must be hiding in the estate's old slave tunnels, but Yakubu won't let them leave to help search until Babineaux is defeated or daylight comes. Jamal allows the rest to escape by blowing garlic into Yakubu's face. Granya says she is too scared to continue, so Shawna thanks her for everything, and the remaining trio goes into the tunnels without her.

They cross paths with Babineaux and his few remaining minions. Pedro stakes Babineaux but misses his heart, and Babineaux's minions kill Pedro and begin to drink his blood. Babineaux throws Chris into a wall, knocking him out. Babineaux chases Shawna as she flees into another room and explains that he's lived long enough to see both violent riots and peaceful protests fail to resolve America's structural inequalities. He's concluded that the only chance of ending over three hundred years of racial oppression is his plan to build a vampire army. After Shawna accuses him of her mother's murder, Babineaux states that every cause must have martyrs. He offers to turn Shawna, saying that her fighting spirit and instant invulnerability to sunlight due to her dark skin would make her a powerful vampire. Shawna refuses, and they fight. Babineaux comes close to killing Shawna, but she manages to stuff the silver locket in his mouth. She stakes him and kills him as he chokes in agony. Chris comes out of the other room carrying Pedro's corpse, and Shawna breaks down upon seeing his lifeless form.

Later, they bury Pedro, and Shawna notes that she is dating Chris and still great friends with Granya. She's also started participating in public protests to defend the Ombreaux from being torn down. Shawna invites Chris over one night, but Chris isn't there when she answers a knock on the door. Instead, she sees Pedro, who is now a vampire.

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