Zombeavers (2014) Review

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Zombeavers (2014) Review

Horrorific content by dusan on August 03rd, 2019 | Movie Review | Survival, Teen, Zombie, Wildlife

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It’s about college friends having their weekend of sex and debauchery ruined when deadly zombie beavers swarm their riverside cabin.

Zombeavers was directed by Jordan Rubin and stars Rachel Melvin (from The Rake), Cortney Palm (from The Dark Tapes and Death House), Lexi Atkins, Hutch Dano, Peter Gilroy, Rex Linn and Brent Briscoe (from Mulholland Drive).

You'll be dammed!

Zombeavers is not just any zombie comedy. It is ranked as one of top 10 best horror comedies from many lists found on the web. Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof . Not many films from the comedy genre can actually scare you, but for some reason Zombeavers manages to hit that mark. Sure, the whole story is insane and there are many people who are not fans of beaver jokes and campy teen B-horrors, but trust us on this one. If you love movies like Sharknado (especially part 3 from 2015), Black Sheep (2006), Cooties (2014) you should give Zombeavers a chance.

The drama and acting of the college teens is nothing special, but it is good enough to make it all believable. The antagonists AKA zombie beavers are not that gruesome CGI we all know from Sci-Fi Channel because the film crew decided to go with animatronic puppets. There is blood, there is gore and there is a lot of beaver pounding (no pun intended). And as the film takes us further into the story things really start to heat up. By the time night falls, the story takes a huge turn from funny to scary and while there are still comedic moments to be found, they are quickly replaced by scary, tense scenes of classic zombie survival horrors.

To be honest, the film is best watched with a group of friends with similar love and interest in this sort of movies, but you can also watch it alone if you lack the above mentioned group. What I especially loved about it is how most of the plot holes were dealt with. It would be easy to just get in the car and get the hell out of that place but we soon find out beavers are smart critters. We’ll not spoil any relevant part of the movie, so let’s just say building dams comes quite handy to keep everyone from escaping the riverside camping grounds.

Worth Watching?

With everything mentioned above, we definitely recommend this one. Just be sure to go into it for what it is, a fun little B-horror flick with zombie beavers. Plus, as a bonus you can enjoy the Zombeavers theme song (18+ contains spoilers) that can rival with some of the best creature feature themes ever created. Did you also immediately think of the Sharktopus song ? It’s funny how the brain works.

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