Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014) Review

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Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on August 14th, 2020 | Movie Review | Survival, Mutant, Wilderness, Cannibalism, Dysfunctional Family, Wrong Turn Series

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It's about a guy who inherits an old resort that comes complete with a couple of incestral caretakers and a clan of killer cannibalistic hillbillies.

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort was directed by Valeri Milev (who also directed Code Red) and stars Chris Jarvis, Aqueela Zoll (from Hansel Vs. Gretel) and Anthony Ilott.

The family needs new blood

Wrong Turn 6 is basically Texas Chainsaw 3D, but with more incest and sex cults. Both movies are generic teen screams that are centered around a protagonist who inherits an old huge place that just so happens to come along with the franchise villain. In Texas Chainsaw it was Leatherface, in Last Resort it's Three Finger. And this time around Three Finger is played by a guy named Radoslav Parvanov, the fifth guy to play him in six movies.

In addition to Texas Chainsaw, Wrong Turn 6 reminds me a lot of 2001 Maniacs in that the killers are a bunch of old south holdouts and because both movies sport ridiculous gore.

Last Resort starts with a bang. A couple of mountain bikers are out enjoying the wilderness when they meet our killer hillbillies and meet a brutal end. It's just like the mountain climbers in Wrong Turn one or the river rafters in Wrong Turn 3. I was happy to see this common intro theme continued, since it's literally the only semblance to the Wrong Turn series

Wrong Turn 6 isn't about Three Finger or his clan of cannibals nor is it about anyone taking a wrong turn anywhere. This is the first movie in the series that puts Three Finger in a weak supporting role. He's just kind of in the background walking around in cult robes taking orders from the resort caretaker and his creepy hyper-sexual sister. 

It doesn't feel like a Wrong Turn movie in any way. It's just a wierd sex cult teen scream. There's way more pot smoking and skinny dipping than mutants or cannibalism. 

And a good 30-45 minutes is just softcore porn.

This Wrong Turn looked better visually than all the others. The cinematography was creative and there was far more character depth and story building than I'm used to seeing in any Wrong Turn movie, but that's also what made it feel completely disconnected from the franchise. Meh.

Worth Watching?

I'd pass on this one. It didn't feel like a Wrong Turn movie. There was no shock, no humor and there wasn't even a lot of Three Finger. It's kind of like watching a Nightmare on Elm Street movie with more incest and sex cults than Freddy.

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