Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007) Review

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Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on August 07th, 2020 | Movie Review | Comedy, Survival, Mutant, Cannibalism, Wrong Turn Series

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It's about a reality TV show crew who trek into the rural mountains of West Virginia to shoot a show, only to learn the hard way that the place is crawling with hungry hillbillies.

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End was directed by Joe Lynch (who also directed Mayhem and Chillerama) and stars Erica Leerhsen (from The Butterfly Room and Living Hell), Henry Rollins (from Dreamland and He Never Died) and Texas Battle (from Hydra).

Evil Awaits.

 The big baddie in Wrong Turn is Three Finger. He's the Freddy Krueger of the Wrong Turn franchise. In the previous, original, Wrong Turn he was played by a guy named Julian Richings who chalked up over 200 roles (and counting) in his career. For some reason he was swapped out in this sequel by some jabroni named Jeff Scrutton, a stunt man in a few movies and an extra in two TV episodes where he played "Hooded Thief" and "Skate Punk #1". Unsurprisingly, he's done nothing since Wrong Turn 2. This sequel went from very serious to dumb funny, so maybe that's why. Maybe Julian didn't want to run around the woods cackling like a clown. Who knows.

This Wrong Turn sequel reminded me a lot of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ("Music is my life!") in that it was a funny sequel to a serious movie. There's even a gross 'n gory dinner scene where they have the victim tied up, a direct nod to the infamous dinner scenes in all of the TCM movies. Aside from this though, it's its own movie through and through. 

So, the movie kicks off with a super obnoxious entitled B-level celebrity who takes an ill-fated wrong turn en route to the rural production set. Within 30 seconds Wrong Turn 2 chalks up WAY more blood than all of Wrong Turn combined. I'm talking hilariously over the top splatter. Buckets of blood and guts. And a lot of giggling and chuckling by our mutant mountain men.

After this epic intro we meet all of the reality show contestants who are competing in a Survivor style contest. And as expected, only maybe one or two are likable, the rest are empty superficial cut-throat types. They all have their own sad cheesy stories that apparently motivate them to win a ton of cash by stepping on the throats of fellow contestants. It's a great cast though! Unlikable characters are fun to watch get killed off on crazy ways. And this Wrong Turn goes super crazy. It took the whole back woods mutant mountain man thing and doubled down on it hard. It went from a clan of three brothers to an entire extended mutant family, ugly baby and all. And yes, we get to see its bloody slimy birth.

Overall I thought this sequel was a fun watch but definitely had its pros and cons. Cons: Very B-movie-ish and loads of personal drama between the characters. Everyone was broken in some way and couldn't keep it to themselves. Pros: Crazy kills and wild cannibal redneck roleplay sex. Trust me, it's probably the best sex scene I've ever seen in horror. 

Worth Watching?

If you're in the mood for a low brow, super bloody horror comedy than yes. This movie is about as bloody is bloody gets. If not, definitely no.

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