Winchester (2018) Review

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Winchester (2018) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on August 07th, 2018 | Movie Review, Worth Watching? | Cursed, Supernatural, Madness, Haunted House

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It's about an heiress to the Winchester firearm fortune who lives in a sprawling, but architecturally bizarre, mansion which is supposedly designed to trap the ghosts of those killed by her family's Winchester rifles.

Winchester was directed by Michael Spierig (who also directed Daybreakers and Undead) and  Peter Spierig (who also directed Jigsaw and Predestination), stars Helen Mirren, Jason Clarke  (from Trust) and Sarah Snook (from Jessabelle).

Terror is building

Winchester Review

Winchester is a period horror similar to movies like A Haunting in Connecticut and The Sixth Sense, where ghosts use jump scares as a way to reach out to the living for help. And I don't mean that in a bad way, Winchester isn't reliant on jump scares, it just utilizes them along with other fear factors like suspense and atmosphere. It's also similar to Insidious: The Last Key in that a woman with a direct connection to the dead is burdened with the responsibility to save those around her from sinister spirits.

The movie is visually stunning and high quality from start to finish. The acting is convincing and the score is subtle but effective, both of which really help pull you into the story. There are a few tropes littered around and there's some predictability, but neither got in the way, it really is an entertaining watch.

Worth Watching?

I think so. I really liked it, for what it was. I wouldn't recommend Winchester to the hardcore horror fan looking for a good scare. This is more a movie for casual horror fans or for those looking for a fun "scary movie" for a date night or a movie night with the family. There's no gore, nudity or even violence. It's more like something you'd find while channel surfing on network TV.

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