Virus Shark (2021) Review

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Virus Shark (2021) Review

Horrorific content by christina on June 07th, 2021 | Movie Review | Shark, Virus, B-Horror

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The world is ravaged by a new virus, SHVID-1, spread by a shark bite. At the bottom of the ocean, a group of scientists are racing against the clock to find a cure.

Virus Shark was directed by Mark Polonia (also known for Bigfoot vs Zombies, Sharkenstein and Land Shark – not to be confused with Sand Sharks) and stars Steve Diasparra (from Ghost Of Camp Blood), Titus Himmelberger (from It Kills: Camp Blood 7), Ken Van Sant (from Amityville Death House) and Jamie Morgan (from Bride Of The Werewolf).

Something deadly is plaguing these waters.

Virus Shark Review

If you haven't yet had your fill of pandemic-themed thrillers or lousy shark movies, then you might be thinking about signing up for the wild ride that is Virus Shark, the latest release from Mark Polonia of Land Shark and Amityville Island fame. Suppose you're unfamiliar with Polonia's work and are already thinking Virus Shark sounds pretty cheesy. In that case, you're not wrong, but sometimes a little cheese is just what the doctor ordered in the entertainment department. Let's get into whether this particular offering is the good kind of cheesy or just plain stinks.

Virus Shark is about a deadly virus that just so happens to be spread by infected sharks if that wasn't immediately apparent. It's called SHVID-1, and yes, it starts with a few beachgoers who can't stay away from the ocean and quickly blooms into a full-blown pandemic. The only hope the human race has lies in the hands of the Cygnus Research Facility, an underwater research station operated by five crew members.

Naturally, the research progress doesn't go as smoothly as one would hope when there's a menace like SHVID-1 sweeping the planet. To begin with, there are many tensions already brewing between the various crew members. And, of course, the sharks that populate the research tank become increasingly aggressive and menacing. Eventually, all hell breaks loose. Crew members become infected, cadavers mysteriously start to mutate, and things start looking pretty bleak. Can the crew of Cygnus persevere despite the challenges ahead, or is humanity doomed to extinction as a result of SHVID-1?

If you're drawn in the direction of Virus Shark because you love so-bad-they're-good flicks like Sharknado or 5-Headed Shark Attack, then you probably already have some idea what to expect here. The same goes for fans of other Polonia films, particularly the others he's done that are about sharks in one way or another. Virus Shark is hardly fine cinema, and it's not going to win any quality awards, but most people going into this willingly probably don't expect it to. But it doesn't quite qualify for so-bad-it's-good status, either.

There are some interesting nods here to campy B-horror films of the '60s, as seen in little touches like the model miniatures and a few of the effects. Some of the makeup isn't bad, either, as with the look and feel of a few of the mutations. However, most of the other effects are downright horrible. Think obvious rubber masks, laughable CGI, and god-awful props! Polonia films are famous for moves like those, though. Would-be fans of his probably expect such things, but those who aren't should heed the heads-up.

The structure of Virus Shark isn't much better. The writing is pretty abysmal, with the script feeling woefully unfinished. The acting is also pretty bad, with the performances from the cast ranging from "not great" to "downright cringeworthy." No one from this film is turning in a performance to write home to mom about, but again… probably not something most people sitting down to watch this would expect.

Worth Watching?

Beyond its many flaws, though, Virus Shark does have a certain appeal. There's so much wrong with this film, but one thing it doesn't do is bore you or make you wish you had your 74 minutes back once the credits roll. It's terrible, even by "bad movie" standards, but it's not a bad pick if you're in the mood for something that looks and feels as low-budget as it is. It's an interesting watch that will do a decent job of keeping you entertained, even if maybe it's for all the wrong reasons.

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