Vile Movie Review (2011)

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Vile Movie Review (2011)

Horrorific content by adrian on May 13th, 2018 | Movie Review | Survival, Gore, Torture, Survival Game

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It’s about a group of people who are kidnapped and forced to donate a valuable brain secretion, which is only produced during intense pain.

Vile was directed by Taylor Sheridan  and stars Greg Cipes (from Inhabited and Holla 2), April Matson and Maya Hazen who also starred in the Shutter remake.

Give Till it Hurts.

Vile Review

I sat down for this one after another one of those seemingly endless sessions of scrolling through Netflix looking for something to watch. Normally I’d just give up and end up watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia again (old reliable) but this time I decided to give Vile a shot. I went into it thinking it would be another B-movie Saw knock-off, but to my surprise it was actually pretty damn good.

So this friendly group of travelers pick up an attractive woman they find hitchhiking. This woman seems nice enough until she straps on a mask and clouds the car with poison gas. The group later wakes up in an old house with a few other similarly disoriented strangers, all with a glass vile drilled into the base of their skulls. As they struggle with their predicament a TV pops on with a video of a doctor explaining how they’ll each be set free as soon as they fill their vile with some precious pain juice (which will be used in a new expensive trendy drug). If they try to pull out their viles they die and if they don’t fill it in time they die. So needless to say, they all reluctantly decide to bring on the pain!

Vile is a wild ride from start to finish, assuming you have the stomach for watching people inflict unimaginable pain upon themselves. There’s a real story and creative plot twists woven around broken bones, hot irons on bellies, torn off fingernails, cheese graters on shoulders and many other pain inducing methods this group is forced to conjure up.

See, pain alone is not enough. It apparently takes quite a shock to produce even a single drop of the pain juice they need to extract. And each vile requires many, many, drops. They start out small until they realize time will run out on them if they keep hesitating. This is when the real fear kicks in. And every individual in the group must fill their own vile, there’s no backing out, stealing filled viles or taking one for the team. You fill your own vile or you die.

Overall it was an entertaining watch and an uncomfortable exercise in creative brutality.

It’s not based on the most original concept of course, there’s quite a few other survival game movies that it’s similar to:

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