Us (2019) Review

Us (2019) Review

by Yo Adrian on November 13th, 2019 | Movie Review | Home Invasion, Psychological, Revenge, Survival

Us was directed by Jordan Peele (who also directed Get Out) and stars Lupita Nyong'o (from Little Monsters), Elisabeth Moss (from The Attic , Midnight's Child) and Anna Diop (from The Keeping Hours). It's about a family terrorized by a group of doppelgangers hell-bent onrevenge.

Us Review

Went to see Us on opening weekend with high hopes coming off Get Out.And I have to say, it didn't disappoint. Jordan Peele is going to bearound for a very long time, especially considering the movie pulled innearly 6x its budget in the first week alone.

This movie really worked on all levels. It's firmly rooted in horror,the story is compelling, there's a ton of foreshadowing and symbolism,the cinematography is beautiful, the acting is seriously impressive andthe soundtrack is dope.

The acting in particular carried this movie. The cast had to play tworoles, themselves and their doppelgangers, which was especiallyimpressive considering the doppelgangers didn't really seem human. And theynailed this ambiguity perfectly.

There's a lot of tension created throughout Us, but with welcomed bitsof comic relief, which I personally thought made the movie entertaining.Horrors don't have to be horrific from start to finish to be scary.

One thing I have a problem with, maybe the only thing, is how Us isbeing touted as being unique and how Jordan Peele is now some kind of new horror visionary. The story had a unique angle and the movie was superpolished overall which helps keep you engaged, but it's not unique. It'sessentially a home invasion movie that leads into a cat and mousesequence and finishes with a twist that's mostly predictable. It'sactually very similar to a couple of well-known movies, but I can'treally name them without risking spoilers. But this gripe is a veryminor one that did not soften the impact of the movie whatsoever.

Us was a very solid follow up to Get Out and I look forward to seeingwhat else Jordan Peele has up his sleeve for us in the future.

Worth Watching?

If you like home invasion movies , hell yes. It actually has quite a fewlayers and should probably be watched twice to get the full effect.

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