Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010) Review

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Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010) Review

Horrorific content by dusan on March 24th, 2023 | Movie Review | Road Trip, Cabin in the Woods, Campy, Teen, Splatter

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After Dale and Tucker finally save up enough money for their dream cabin in the woods they come across a bunch of college kids who misconstrue a nasty accident for the work of the tried and true horror staple, psychopathic, redneck serial killers. Hilarity ensues.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil was directed by Eli Craig (also directed Little Evil) and stars Alan Tudyk, Tyler Labine (from Escape Room and Rapture-Palooza), Katrina Bowden (from Great White, Hold Your Breath, and Piranha 3DD), Jesse Moss (from Still/Born, Daddy's Girl, and The Uninvited), Philip Granger (A.M.I., The Untold), Brandon Jay McLaren (Hard Ride to Hell, Dead Before Dawn 3D, and Hybrid), and Christie Laing.

Evil just messed with the wrong hillbillies.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010) Review

The story takes place in the wilderness of West Virginia. We have a familiar setting, desolate woods that used to be the home for cannibalistic inbred maniacs. First thing that comes to mind is probably the Wrong Turn franchise, but director Eli Craig decided to mix it up a bit and experiment with some role reversal.

It starts with our two lovable protagonists Tucker and Dale finally buying a dream cabin in the woods where they plan to do some home improvements and enjoy beer and fishing. It just so happens that a group of college kids is also having a vacation in the same area and judging from the scary story told by one of them, 20 years ago that was the place where a deranged group of hillbillies tortured and massacred a group of students that were camping.

Right from the start, during their first encounter at a local gas station we see the differences and the tension that builds between these two groups and how a small misunderstanding will lead to an avalanche that turns this film into an awesome wild ride comedy horror. There are so many great moments… The bee chainsaw scene, the wood chipper scene and my favorite: “He looks like he is gonna walk it off, he’s gonna be fine”, scene.

The actors did a phenomenal job. You will generally care for the main crew and as the ending is getting closer you will want to see how it will be resolved. The amount of gore is just right (maybe a few times it got a bit messy but nothing over the top like buckets of blood covering every inch of the set). The kills are hilarious and there is also a small romance story hidden in with all the action.

The twist is predictable, but well executed and fun. As a bonus the movie also teaches an important and valuable life lesson. It shows how easy we can judge a person only based on how they look and where they come from, while in reality we should be prepared for evil lurking in any group of people (so in a way, we could even call this an educational film, lol).

And if you think this fact is not enough to call a film educational, here’s a few more:

     -never run through the woods without paying attention to what lies in front of you!

     -never dive head first into a woodchipper!

     -learn the difference between moonshine and water!

     -never point a gun to your face while checking the safety!

I think plenty of kids these days could learn a thing or two from watching this movie.

Worth Watching? 

If you are up for a fun comedy horror about friendship, love and crazy teenage suicide pacts in the woods, Tucker and Dale vs Evil is just the movie for you. Strongly recommended for movie nights with friends or couples.

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