Trap House (2023) Review

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Trap House (2023) Review

Horrorific content by angie on July 06th, 2023 | Movie Review | Survival, Psychological, Thriller, Police, Revenge, Torture, B-Horror, Black Horror

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It's about a detective who must infiltrate a booby-trap infested meth production lab.

Trap House was directed by Nicholas Humphries (ABCs of Death 2.5) and stars Jaime M. Callica (Hypnotic), Peter BundicGigi Saul Guerrero (Funhouse, I Love You So Much It's Killing Them), Bruce CrawfordBenjamin Wilkinson (Grave Encounters), Anthony TimpanoRyan MahJason Tremblay (Demonic), Fletcher Donovan, and Suge Blanco.

Trap House Review

The fear of escaping a house filled with lethal booby traps is a chilling concept that taps into our deepest anxieties. Imagining oneself trapped in a confined space, every step and decision potentially leading to a deadly outcome, evokes a primal fear within us.

The idea of navigating through a treacherous maze of traps, each designed to inflict harm or even death, creates an intense sense of urgency and vulnerability. Every door opened, every step taken becomes a nerve-wracking gamble. The uncertainty amplifies our heartbeats as we try to decipher the hidden mechanisms that could be triggered at any moment.

The fear stems from realizing there is no room for error, no margin for mistakes. The mind races to find solutions, but panic threatens to cloud judgment. It is a fight against time, against our fear-induced paralysis. This idea is the hook that draws viewers into watching the 2023 Tubi Original Trap House.

The term "trap house," previously known as "crack house," refers to a house utilized for producing and selling drugs. In this film, director Nicholas Humphries and writer Jordan Robinson interpret the name as presenting a drug den filled with dangerous traps and unexpected elements.

The story revolves around Detective Grant Pierce, played by Jaime M. Callica, who is called to a crime scene after Commander Meeks' attempt to dismantle a trap house goes awry. Pierce discovers that the deceased boy on the stage is his younger brother. This incident is just one in a series of deaths connected to a mobile operation run by Lethan, portrayed by Bruce Crawford, a meth cook, and his partner Lexi, played by Gigi Saul Guerrero. Various traps protect the trap house, and Pierce is determined to seek revenge, even if it means being kicked off the force.

For information, Pierce leans on a dealer named Fibs, played by Peter Bundic. However, when Fibs is coerced into assisting a group of thieves in robbing the trap house, Pierce joins them to gain access. The film starts with a gruesome shotgun incident and builds anticipation through its dark and ominous atmosphere.

While the characters' backstories are revealed in a somewhat clichéd manner, the filmmakers swiftly move past this to focus on the action inside the trap house. The traps range from simple, such as rigged shotguns, to more sinister, including razor wires triggered by pressure-sensitive switches. Although not as inventive or gory as those seen in "The Collector" or the "Saw" franchise, the traps are still brutal and impactful.

The plot of "Trap House" is serviceable but predictable, as viewers can anticipate which characters are expendable and who will survive the final confrontations. One noteworthy aspect is the presence of an infant in the trap house, leading to complications and an unexpected subplot.

The performances in the film are decent, with Michael Eklund portraying the psychotic Cormac in an enjoyably over-the-top manner, injecting energy into the story. Gigi Saul Guerrero's character also offers more depth than initially apparent, adding intrigue to the latter part of the film.

Worth Watching?

Overall, "Trap House" is a moderately thrilling movie with a touch of horror. However, it falters in the final scenes by incorporating a couple of unsurprising and implausible revelations meant to set up a potential sequel. This diminishes an otherwise brilliant film, concluding it on a weak note.

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